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Episode 019 — Randy of Salesforce Cha Cha: Michael Jordan is more applicable to your job than you think!

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Randy is a Salesforce Consultant and one of the voices behind the popular Salesforce newsletter, Salesforce Cha Cha. Randy has a knack for simplifying technical content and injecting humour to make typically heavy concepts fun and digestible. Salesforce Cha Cha is a must-subscribe — “it’s a vibe”!

In this episode, Jack and Randy chat about how coming from different backgrounds outside of SaaS, consulting, or even Salesforce have been pivotal in the success of their careers. They talk about having forward looking vision, speak to process and scale, and bring culture to the forefront of the DevOps conversation. They also discuss how core skills are important, and going above and beyond as a consultant by caring, doing the right thing, and how you can empower clients.

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