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Episode 015 — Hayley Tuller: Transitioning to tech with a veteran

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Hayley Tuller is a United States Navy veteran, serving 20 years as an Aircrewman — an experience that has shaped an incredible Salesforce career transition. She is co-founder of Salesforce consultancy Navigators, is 12x Salesforce certified, and advocates for veterans transitioning to tech through her support of organizations like Trailhead Military and Merivis.

Jack and Hayley talk about Hayley’s transition to Salesforce, focussing on the technical skills, learning methods, and leadership lessons that make veterans an asset to organizations and communities post-service. They discuss what civilian organizations should look for, and how they can make the most of the community of veterans out there transitioning to tech.

Hayley also dives into some of the methods learnt in the military that have helped her become a successful Salesforce Consultant and Architect, including Operational Risk Management, a checklist mentality, and training for leadership — and how this applies to DevOps.

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