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Episode 013 — Cloud Giants: Exploring Salesforce CPQ with Deepak and Grant

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Grant Mangum and Deepak Veera are Salesforce Consultants at a leading consulting company, Cloud Giants. Between them, they have 14 years’ consulting experience, and have spent the last four specializing in Salesforce CPQ implementations. They bring to the table tangible real-world experience and understanding of the nuances of a product rising rapidly in popularity.

In this episode, we discover in-depth what CPQ is, and some of the challenges of working with it as part of your DevOps process. Jack, Grant, and Deepak chat about the particularities of building CPQ, ghost quotes, and the three key things that form the backbone of a great CPQ delivery process.

Grant and Deepak also share their thoughts on the differences of working with config data vs. metadata, and how important it is to have a testing process that is robust to be successful. Listen to the end to find out their recommendations on where you can learn more about CPQ, as well as what makes Gearset’s CPQ product awesome.

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