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Data Backup features
Retention of daily backups
Retention of monthly backups
Automated daily backupYes
Multi-org managementYes
Full sandbox backupYes
Search functionality
Metadata restoreYes
Smart alerts
Single-Sign-On (SSO) integrationYes

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Data Backup FAQs

Data Backup is charged at a flat rate of US$2.50 per standard Salesforce user per month (when billed annually). There is a minimum purchase of 100 users. SalesCloud, ServiceCloud and platform licenses are considered 'standard users' within your Salesforce org. We do not include community users, which are included for free with any standard Backup license purchase.

Your backup data is stored at the AWS data center in the chosen region for your Gearset account - either the US (US West 2) or Ireland (EU West 1).

Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Backups are encrypted with a 'per customer key'. You can delete your encryption key at any time to make your backup data completely irretrievable.

Backups run automatically every 24 hours. You can also run backups on demand at any other time.

No. There is no storage limit.

You can customize your retention policy when you set up a backup job. Gearset suggests a 7-year retention period by default which matches the most common compliance requirements.

You can back up any kind of Salesforce org, such as dev orgs, prod orgs, sandboxes and scratch orgs.

No. You can restore backup data to your orgs without a data license.

Yes. You can use the job's filter to include or exclude objects from backup runs - newly created objects are included by default.

Yes. You can deploy backup data to dev orgs, prod orgs, sandboxes or scratch orgs.

No, not by default. The owner of a backup job can assign permissions to their team members.

Yes. Gearset backs up both data and metadata on every backup run.

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