Operations at Gearset

At Gearset, we want everyone to feel empowered and confident to do their best work, and to learn from each other. As we’ve grown from a 7 person start up to a rapidly scaling 200+ person company, we’ve built systems, processes and brand new departments, including our Operations team.

What it’s like working in the Operations team

We know operations can mean loads of different things; for us at Gearset, it pretty much means the ‘engine room’ of Gearset; Executive Assistants, Legal, Finance and IT.

We do Operations a bit differently

Even though the Operations team came to life because of Gearset’s scaling journey, we’re not about process or policy for the sake of it. From totally overhauling the finance system, to organising the annual Gearset Global Gathering, to ensuring we’re all compliant with the latest rules and regs, to making sure all new Gearcitizens are up and running on their chosen hardware, our ops team is laser focused on the JTBD, making sure Gearset runs like clockwork.

Who makes up Operations at Gearset?

Executive Assistants

Strategic partnering to the exec team - not just calendar management, but making sure what needs to get done, get’s done. This could be anything from arranging the annual summer party, to writing board papers. Our EA’s showcase one of our key values 'Gearset, team, self’ every single day.


These folks are the superheroes who make sure we’re all playing by the rules. From contracts to compliance, they handle it all. They work closely with other teams, like People, Sales, and Finance, to make sure we’re protected and following all the legal requirements. They’re the go-to experts for any legal questions or issues that come up.


Our finance team handle all things numbers, from budgeting and forecasting, to invoicing and expense management. They work closely with other teams to ensure we’re financially sound and making smart decisions. They’re the wizards who crunch the numbers, analyse financial data, and provide valuable insights to help our company thrive.


Our small but mighty IT team keep all Gearcitizen’s up and running on our choice of hardware, and manage the various systems we need to do our best work.They do this all while keeping us entertained along the way - our IT team’s how-to videos are stuff of Gearset legend…

What our Operations teammates are saying

Working at Gearset is a breath of fresh air. The open and collaborative culture is second to none. Everyone takes great pride in the work they do, the services that we provide, and the environment that we do it in. It's a privilege to be providing legal support to such a dedicated and supportive team of friendly and enthusiastic individuals.

Tom Anghileri

Legal Counsel

EAs are often associated with gatekeeping, but at Gearset I get to provide people with the things they need to get the job done. The culture of transparency and belief in the value of each other's opinion means that [for me] the opportunity to learn and grow has never slowed. I work with a world class team and have fun along the way.

Lissie Allison

Finance Administrator

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