Marketing at Gearset

Marketing at Gearset is at the forefront of promoting our cutting-edge software solutions to the world. With a focus on results and impactful campaigns, we make a real difference in driving Gearset's growth and success.

What it’s like working in the Marketing team

Joining our collaborative team means you'll be working with talented professionals who are passionate about their craft. Embrace exciting challenges, be a part of a supportive and inclusive culture, and enjoy the rewards of being in a company that values your contributions.

How we work together as a team

At Gearset, we bring together specialists to create a well-rounded and effective marketing team. Here are some of the key marketing specialities you’ll find in our team:

  • Product Marketing - Responsible for positioning, messaging and GTM strategy for the business.
  • Brand (including Design and Web teams) - The stewards of our brand, bringing it to life across every customer and company touchpoint.
  • Digital and Demand Generation - Use multiple channels and a test and learn approach to reach our target customers effectively in order to drive business outcomes.
  • Content - Tell the story of our solution and customer impact through engaging content, such as our State of Salesforce DevOps report, the Gearset blog, and customer case studies.
  • Events - Our creative events team devise a mixture of virtual and global in-person events, from stand-out community conferences, webinars, and customer success sessions — as well as making an impact at iconic Salesforce events like Dreamforce and TrailblazerDX.
  • DevOps Advocacy - Building our presence in the Salesforce ecosystem by providing valuable support, inspiration, and thought leadership for the community.
  • Community Management - Running the Gearset DevOps Leaders programme, who act as external advocates for Gearset across the global Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Accounts Based Marketing (ABM) - Providing tailored marketing to our key accounts.
  • Salesforce Partnerships - Working with Salesforce employees to ensure success using Gearset by supporting their projects and delivering world-class DevOps solutions to their customers.

You’ll make a difference at Gearset

Thinking about joining Gearset’s marketing team? Here are some reasons why it could be an awesome move:

  • Trailblazing company: Gearset is always pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible. Being part of the marketing team means leading the change,shaping the future of Salesforce DevOps.
  • Dynamic challenges: Gearset’s marketing team has the exciting task of promoting a highly technical product to a diverse customer base. It’s a stimulating journey with plenty of opportunities to expand your marketing skills and knowledge.
  • Collaboration: Gearset thrives on collaboration. The marketing team works closely with all areas of the business from various disciplines. Joining this team means being surrounded by dedicated individuals all striving for a common goal.
  • Making an impact: You’ll see the tangible results your work makes, and you get to be a key player in driving Gearset’s success. By effectively communicating the value of the product, you’ll directly contribute to the company’s growth and triumphs.

Values of the marketing team

  • Actively collaborate across all teams, not just your own
  • Openness to receiving feedback on your work, while giving feedback on others’, too - using constructive comments and suggestions to improve work
  • Commitment to learning about the technical aspects of the product, the nature of our market, and the culture of the Salesforce community we support
  • Initiative in identifying and taking on additional responsibilities to help grow your marketing skills and the team’s success

Growing your career at Gearset

Similarly to all other departments at Gearset, feedback is a huge part of our marketing team’s culture. The team collaborates on projects early on so that they’re making sure they’re strategically aligned.

As there’s a number of different disciplines in our marketing team, you’re able to hone your skills in a particular specialism, but also have the opportunity to acquire new skills in others.

What our Marketing teammates are saying

Before I joined Gearset, I was super sceptical of the positive reviews. Now that I'm in, obviously it's not perfect, but damn it’s a great place to work. Gearset looks for people who can take feedback well and it shows. Colleagues are candid, constructive and willing to muck in. It's great.

Krystyna Coyle

Product Marketer

I've been in the Salesforce ecosystem a long time as a Developer and came across Gearset a few times. I knew some of the team and I came to know their solution well, too. They've built two amazing things at Gearset: an indispensable solution, but more importantly, a fantastic company culture. Joining Gearset was the best move I ever made, and as I tell my friends I liked it so much, I joined the company!

Rob Cowell

DevOps Advocate

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