What makes Gearset such a great place to work?

What makes Gearset such a great place to work?

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It’s just been announced that Gearset is one of the best places to work in the UK 🎉🤩🚀! We’re super thrilled with the award from Great Places To Work (GPTW) recognizing Gearset as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces. To enter the GPTW ranking for the first time ever and make it into the top ten for our category (small organizations) is a real honour. Huge congratulations and a big thank you to all of the Gearset team 🙏 for making our workplace culture one of the best!

Drafting and submitting our entry to the GPTW contest made us think a lot more about our values and motivations as a company. We’ve always had lots of fun working with a group of incredibly smart, kind and passionate people, dedicated to understanding the needs of our users at a deep level. So entering the GPTW awards was a kind of litmus test for us. How well are we really working as a team? Are we living up to our values? Do others at Gearset see it the same way? We thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you (and any prospective new joiners 👋), a little about what makes us tick, and some of what our teammates like about working here.

Setting the highest standard by staying close to users

From the start, Gearset set out to help the Salesforce community by talking to thousands upon thousands of developers and administrators directly about their DevOps challenges. As a company founded by a group of software engineers, we work with Salesforce teams across the globe to tackle their day-to-day technical problems. It’s a pragmatic and bottom-up approach that comes naturally. We make a real difference to people by solving specific issues as they arise, and assisting teams when they’re ready to take their development processes to the next level.

Key to this approach is our ability to offer our users immediate and focused support. Our Customer Success team is always on hand to solve our users’ problems there and then. The dedicated developers in our Engineering team are ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to share their expertise. Similarly, our product development is driven directly by user feedback and the real needs of our users. A culture of trust and transparency is what helps us work constructively with feedback, both from customers and in our own work as a team. And for anyone new to Gearset, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Gearset in just a few clicks to try it out for yourself - no strings attached.

As Gearset has grown rapidly, we’ve held firm to our values. We trust our teammates, love working together, and share all our knowledge as widely as we can with each other and our customers, as a way of discovering and unlocking valuable new insights. As Kevin Boyle, everyone’s favorite bossman, explains:

"Gearset has been the most amazing journey for me. When Gearset started to grow, the founding team were afraid that becoming a "real" company would take away the fun. But each year as we've doubled we've had the pleasure of welcoming the next group of brilliant individuals that have only strengthened our team. Our team is ruthlessly focused on creating something great for our customers, and building, marketing, selling and supporting it in the right way. We've built a company we're rightly proud of and we're doing it our way. Clear values with honesty, trust, and feedback helps us work together and have created a team that I love to come to work with every day. If this sounds appealing, then you should come visit and meet the team!"

Kevin Boyle, CEO of Gearset

What individual Gearcitizens think

Completing GPTW’s employee experience survey as part of our entry to the awards was also insightful - it’s always one thing to hear what a company’s Marketing team or CEO thinks about the company, and another to hear it from all employees directly. Here are a few of their voices (we haven’t added their names because we didn’t want to embarrass them - not that they would have minded much):

"Gearset is a great place to work! Not only have I learned a lot in the last year and a half, it’s an absolute pleasure to work with a team of such smart, supportive people. I also love their approach to programming: high quality code mixed with a healthy dose of pragmatism!"

"We have a unique culture of collaboration, open communication, and shared responsibility and purpose. Everyone chips in to get the job done and is always friendly and approachable, and has bought into the idea of doing right by the end user. It's honestly the best place I've ever worked."

Best Workplaces 2020 award

"Gearset is an amazing place to work. It's not like any other company. We all enjoy coming together to do the best that we can. Everything is transparent (and I mean everything!) and we help each other to make our company and our products serve our customers and ourselves as employees. We have an extremely strong shared culture, which everyone endorses because we do what's right. If you get offered a job with Gearset, you've hit the jackpot! People care about each other here. We're not just employees, we're Gearcitizens. There's no real hierarchy and everybody's input is appreciated. We love what we do and we enjoy working alongside all of our teammates. It's exciting and rewarding to work here. It feels like Gearset is pioneering a whole new way of running companies that other companies will probably try to emulate in future."

"The overall culture. I can walk up to anyone and talk about a problem, ask about approaches to things, etc. Another unique factor is how quickly results are visible to the public, which makes the work exciting, as you are constantly getting feedback from users - even as a new starter!"

The Gearset team

"A few things stand out to me. The people who work here are all great colleagues, but also friends. It's a delight to come into work because of the people we get to interact with every day. Each day I get to work alongside really driven, hard-working people, who you can rely on to work hard and get great things done, support you in your work to help you hit your obligations (because we're a team working towards common goals). This is made 10x better by the fact we're all friends too. We try really, really hard to make sure a) we hire people who are going to be a great fit in the team, and b) then making sure everyone is encouraged to get to know each other and hang out, inside and outside of work. What you end up with is a team of people who trust each other, and love working together."

Thinking about joining the Gearset team?

If you like the sound of working at Gearset, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always on the lookout for creative, smart and decisive people to fill roles in engineering, sales, marketing, customer support, and in other areas of the business. While we respect skills and experience, above all, we’re looking for people with aptitude. If you’re willing to learn, work well within teams, and have the right attitude to delivering valuable work promptly, then do check out our careers page. You’re also very welcome to find out more about what it’s like working with us every day by chatting to us right now using the live-chat on this page.

We want to meet you

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