What makes engineering at Gearset different?

What makes engineering at Gearset different?

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Gearset is a product-led company built for developers by developers, so we know how important culture is to software engineers. As we’ve scaled the company, we’ve intentionally built on the strong foundations we created at the start: a world class engineering team, delivering meaningful value to our customers.

We think the way we do engineering is pretty unique — but wouldn’t every tech company say that? To prove it, we take a dive into what makes Gearset’s engineering team different. Don’t just take our word for it — keep reading to hear directly what some of the engineering folks think!

Our users are our main focus

Getting value into the hands of customers quickly is at the heart of everything we care about. Staying close to our customers to discover their real needs keeps us focused, and we work pragmatically to deliver value to them fast and regularly.

[Eamonn Boyle]: “Gearset is the most collaborative place I’ve ever worked. Not just within engineering, but across the whole company. There’s a real sense of common drive to deliver the features that our customers need.”

[Matt Guy]: “At Gearset, we have full ownership of the features we build. We can touch and impact every single layer of the tech stack if we want to, and have regular contact with customers to gain vital context and feedback to help us build the right solutions. This transparency and frequent contact with our customers helps direct our product development and gives us the chance to collaborate with plenty of other teams at Gearset, which is fantastic!”

[Dave Rant]: “The primary way of measuring ourselves is the success of our customers. So, by interacting with customers and directly understanding their pain points, rather than that information filtering through lots of people, means when we ship something based on a request or some feedback from a customer, we can immediately see if it solves their problem. If it does, we can see the impact it makes right away. If we need to work on that solution, we can get direct feedback to pivot quickly to solve their need.”

You see the difference your code makes

Just like Dave said, engineers at Gearset get to see first-hand the difference their work makes to our users. Unlike some companies, our engineers are involved in the whole process of improving our solution, whether it’s getting feedback directly from customers and understanding their pain points, or coming up with a solution, creating it and releasing it, to getting feedback on how it’s impacted our users.

[Catherine Bacon]: “Each day is really varied. You might be working on a large feature, fixing a bug, releasing the app, speaking to a user, helping our customer success or sales team with a technical issue, or answering questions. I really like this way of working, as you’re not just a coding monkey stuck in a room! You see what you’re working on being used in real time, making a difference to users and helping their release processes. It’s very satisfying to work on something that genuinely makes our users’ job easier.”

Close collaboration

Our engineering team is focused on delivering value for our customers in a pragmatic way, while maintaining our high standards. We’ve built a great culture of trust, transparency, collaboration, and feedback, where engineers have the autonomy to succeed and are trusted to do good work. This means folks can try new things and challenge themselves to deliver their best work.

[Mark Allan]: “It’s extremely collaborative. Even though the engineering department is split up into several small teams, you’ll find yourself working with people from other teams and other departments very regularly. From reviewing PRs, to diagnosing issues, to working on tech debt, to jumping on calls with customers — as a company, we spend a lot of time listening to and talking with our customers!”

[Dave Rant]: “Our engineering culture is the foundation of everything we do at Gearset. We’re a company that was started by engineers, so the whole company tends to live and breathe a set of values that software engineers will find very familiar. We focus on giving our engineers the most enjoyable and productive experience possible. That involves giving them the best tools for the job, and the freedom to experiment with solutions to and get very quick feedback on the work they’re doing directly from our customers.”

The freedom to grow

There are no rigid pre-set career paths at Gearset. You have the flexibility and trust to build on your skills and experience to reach your personal goals. Our collaborative team environment means folks are happy to share their experiences with teammates to help each other learn and grow.

[Matt Guy]: “At Gearset, you’re surrounded by intelligent people that care about the quality of the work they produce and the toolset we’re building for our customers. The engineers here empower each other’s learning and encourage pragmatism in the technical decisions and developments we carry out. Ultimately, at the heart of our engineering team is a group of fantastic people that I love to work with every single day.”

[Julian Wreford]: “The thing I value most about Gearset is the culture of trust and growth that exists. From starting as a junior developer, I was trusted to investigate and solve lots of different problems, but I always knew there was support if I found a problem too challenging or just needed a push in the right direction. This has meant that I’ve grown in a variety of areas I wouldn’t expect, as I’ve been encouraged to try things outside of my comfort zone and given the tools and support to succeed. I wouldn’t be the developer I am now without the opportunities for growth and support that I’ve had in my time at Gearset.”

[Richard Jones]: “Being part of a company where you’re given equal parts freedom to explore your technological interests, and support to help you fully realise your ideas, is really refreshing. No area of the company is off-limits and I feel comfortable approaching problems that are new to me, knowing that I’d have teammates around to offer advice when I need it.”

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