Meet Alice Easey, Development Manager at Gearset

Meet Alice Easey, Development Manager at Gearset

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“Hello! I’m Alice Easey (she/her), and I’m one of the Development Managers at Gearset. I manage the engineering teams based in Gearset’s Cambridge office.”

What made you join Gearset?

“Kevin (our CEO and Co-Founder) sent me a Facebook message and asked me if I was interested in joining Gearset (I didn’t have a LinkedIn profile at the time).

The reason I said “yes” was because I knew Gearset was a great company. I was working in the same building as Gearset and I could see how close-knit the company was. The fact that the team ate lunch together and went for walks together at lunch really showed me that. I also have such a huge amount of respect for Kevin and Matt (CPO & Co-Founder). They’re both developers and I knew confidently that they understood developers, the problems, and how to solve them. It helps so much that they get that!”

How would you describe the culture in the Engineering team?

“The team is super smart! I often hear developers joining Gearset say that they thought they were a good developer, and upon joining Gearset they were humbled from working with such talented folks.

I love that we have people aligned with our company values. Our developers want to be close to our users and aren’t scared to have conversations with other departments. They really care about collaboration and have a desire to get things done.”

How do your teams like to work?

“There’s real variety across all of the teams. There’s not one Gearset way of working. We really value that as we’re all unique! The things we do have in common are collaborating on work, wanting to help our customers, and wanting to get things done.”

What are you most excited about as your team continues to grow?

“How the team matures as we grow. They’ll have more capacity to be more successful working on solving problems which will delight our users. I’m also super excited about our observability team. This’ll give us more confidence in what we’re doing and the code we’re releasing.”

Why should someone join Gearset?

“When you join a lot of companies you don’t get much autonomy or opportunity to make a huge impact. At Gearset there’s a lack of red tape, meaning you get to have a huge impact from day one. You also have the freedom to choose the areas you want to impact. Everyone from our interns to our senior engineers ship releases within their first week!”

Tell us something we probably don’t know about you.

“For my first job, I had to dress up as a dinosaur: a T-Rex!”

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