Who made that change to my Salesforce metadata, and when?

Kevin Boyle on

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Salesforce organizations can quickly become complex: after all, they drive your entire business process and help your users succeed, so a certain degree of complexity is inevitable. This means it’s especially important that deploying changes between organizations is as simple as possible.

Gearset Deploy makes it easy to see what has changed, but some of our users told us they’d also like to see who made each change and when, so that they’d have all the context to understand what should be deployed.

We want Gearset Deploy to give you stress-free deployments to your Salesforce organizations, so adding this feature was a no-brainer. We spoke to users to understand how they wanted it to be presented, and here’s what we came up with:

Gearset Deploy with changed by and changed date

With this extra information, you can now easily sort and filter to find who made each change, and when.

One small step towards stress-free deployments!

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