Validated packages: you can now review all test run details

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For Salesforce developers and admins, deployment is the moment of truth. There’s always a risk that something will go wrong. There isn’t always much time to fix it.

Checking your deployment package ahead of time minimizes this risk, which is why Gearset lets you validate your package before deployment.

Viewing test run details

Every validation you run in Gearset produces test run details that show which tests passed, and which failed.

The Validated packages page in Gearset shows you successfully validated packages that are ready for deployment, and your packages that failed validation due to component errors or failing test cases. For successfully validated packages, the View summary button navigates to a summary of the changes to be deployed. For failed packages, you’ll see a View errors button instead, which links to the test run details.

Previously, you could only review the test run details from the validation process for failed packages. But several Gearset users rightly pointed out that all test run details, whether failures or otherwise, form an important part of your audit trail. For that reason, they requested that we also make it possible to review the test run details for successfully validated packages.

As well as providing evidence of the care you’ve taken in your release process, the ability to review these test run details can also streamline your workflow. For example, where there’s a team of you working in Salesforce DevOps, it can be useful to see the reports from colleagues’ validations. If you’ve assigned a teammate permissions to validate packages, but not to deploy, the ability to review test run details gives you added confidence to deploy the package yourself. Or you might just want to review your own test results.

How to find test run details for successfully validated packages

For successfully validated packages, the View summary button still shows the changes to be deployed. Instead, to review the test run details, click on the cog icon for the relevant package and select View components from the dropdown menu.

Find test run details for validated packages

Exporting test run details for failed validations

We’ve also added the ability to export the details of failed test runs and validation errors. If a package contains errors, there’s now an Export button that lets you download a CSV file. These records form part of your audit trail, and can be used by colleagues without access to Gearset to verify that the right tests have been run.

Export failed test run details

Got a feature request?

Thank you to our users who suggested this feature! We value your input. Further feedback and feature requests can be posted on our forum. And you can always contact us via chat, either in the Gearset app or here on our website.

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