Improve team collaboration with email, SMS, Slack, and Chatter notifications

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If, like many Salesforce admins and developers, you work as part of a team, you’ll know the importance of effective information sharing. Knowing what features your colleagues are working on and when they deploy to Staging or Production speeds up development and helps avoid code clashes.

Collaboration is key

Gearset was designed to enhance collaboration. With our org change monitoring service, you can set up notifications by email, SMS, Slack, and Chatter, so you and your team can stay notified in the way that works for you. Deployment reports can also be sent to multiple users to inform the whole team when you’ve made a change.

Choosing your change monitoring notifications

When creating a new change monitoring job, select your notification options from the dialogue box.

Create a new org monitoring job and choose your notification settings


Email addresses in this box will receive detailed reports when each change report is created.

Get email reports when your orgs change


Enter a phone number which is able to receive SMS messages. You’ll get short texts when each change report is created. We won’t use this number for anything other than the SMS notifications.

Get SMS messages when your orgs change


Create a new Incoming WebHook and paste the URL into the box. Gearset will post updates via the “Gearset Monitoring” bot whenever change reports are created.

Get Slack notifications when your orgs change


Tick the box for Chatter integration, and Gearset will send notifications to the org you logged in to Gearset with. You can’t currently post to Chatter if you log in to Gearset with a Google account.

Get Chatter notifications when your orgs change

Sending deployment reports to multiple email addresses

To send copies of your deployment reports to additional email addresses, enter them in your account settings page ( When you complete a deployment, everyone on this list will receive a copy of the report.

Send deployment reports to multiple email addresses

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