GitHub build statuses for your Gearset CI jobs

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As an admin or developer, when you’re making changes to a Salesforce environment and pushing them to a branch in GitHub, you’ll want to regularly check that these changes are actually building and deployable. Until recently, the best way to do that would be setting up a CI job to monitor your branch and push any changes to a sandbox environment, where you’d be able to see whether they’re deployable and working as expected. While this technique works well, it means you have to actively keep a close eye on the CI jobs page, which could be easy to forget about in our busy schedules.

One of our latest features ties your CI job back to your branch in GitHub: with each commit you’ll be able to see a build status in GitHub, so you can see on the branch itself whether the job is succeeding, and whether your changes are deployable. Commit-by-commit build statuses means that if your CI job does start to fail, you’ll notice much quicker and be able to see exactly which commit caused the problem. This helps you get to the root of the issue faster, and fix it right away.

How it works

Commit build statuses are visible when you’re working in GitHub and making changes within a Pull Request. Gearset will create a GitHub commit build status each time your CI job runs from a GitHub repo source. The status will appear as a green tick if the CI job run succeeded or a red cross if it’s failed. Hovering over the symbol will give you a more explicit summary (as shown below).

Hover over the tick or cross for a summary.

Clicking on the symbol will take you to the history page for your CI job within Gearset.

Click to visit the job history within Gearset.

Now, instead of having to seek out your CI job to check whether your changes are deployable, you’ll be able to see commit-by-commit if everything is working as expected. If something has gone wrong, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where things started to go awry, down to the specific commit build status, making for much faster and easier fixing.

Tie your CI job back to your branch in GitHub

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