Gearset is officially one of the best companies to work for!

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Exciting news! The results of the Best Companies awards are in, and Gearset has been recognized with a series of awards:

  • 3rd best tech company to work for 🏆
  • 4th best company to work for in the East of England 🚀
  • 8th best mid-sized company to work for in the UK 🎉
Best Companies Awards

Results from the Best Companies survey

These awards reflect how we all feel about working at Gearset because the rankings are determined by employees' responses to the Best Companies survey. Best Companies are more interested in hearing from employees than employers, as they believe happy and engaged employees are the key to successful companies.

Best Companies highlight three statistics from the survey that show where Gearset is doing especially well. This post will explain a bit more about those different areas of life at Gearset.

A culture of trust

The Best Companies survey found that 99% of Gearset employees agreed with the statement: 'My manager talks openly and honestly with me'. At Gearset, we see our values of trust and transparency in action every day - it's often the thing people say they like most about working here. Information about Gearset's performance, management, and direction is shared right across the company so that everyone can contribute ideas and participate in the company's decision-making.

The relationship between managers and their teams is built on that trust and transparency. Managers work alongside their teams, bringing focus and direction while drawing on team members' ideas and expertise. They entrust projects to their team, giving support where needed without micromanaging. We also believe that giving honest feedback is one of the best ways to build trust, so we tell each other how we can improve and praise each other for all the successes we see - and this transparency goes both ways between managers and their teams.

We enjoy our work

The survey also revealed that 96% of us think our teams are 'fun to work with'. We all take our work seriously at Gearset, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. Since we work together so collaboratively, there's always lots of communication going on and these chats always feature a good dose of humour. We also have events like our monthly Drink & Learn (pretty much what it says on the tin) and other activities for the whole company that are always a lot of fun. It's one thing to be able to have fun with your colleagues, but quite another to have fun working with them day in, day out.

A healthy work-life balance

The Best Companies survey shows that most of us, 95%, are 'happy with the balance between my work and home life.' Everyone wants to have a healthy work-life balance, and Gearset tries to make that as easy as possible. Flexible working and automatically approved annual leave help us all to adapt to the events that life brings. Being trusted to manage our own time has made all the difference as we've adjusted to working from home during the pandemic.

We're always looking to improve

We're delighted to have received these Best Companies awards, and even more delighted that Gearset really is a great company to work for, with a bunch of people who are great to work alongside. At the same time, we don't want to be complacent. We can always do better and find new ways of helping everyone across the company to thrive. As the company grows, we want to develop in all areas - including the happiness and engagement of the whole team.

Join us!

If you're looking to join a fast-growing company with loads of exciting opportunities, take a look at our careers page - we're hiring across all teams. You can read what Best Companies had to say about Gearset here. And feel free to use the live chat on this page to ask us what it's like to work at Gearset! 😃

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