Gearset is now available on the AppExchange

Jason Mann on July 13th 2016

Gearset on the AppExchange

The Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading business app marketplace, with over 3,000 apps to help you get even more out of the Salesforce platform.

We’re happy to announce that Gearset is now a part of that global marketplace - just search for “Gearset” to see our listing where you can watch a demo video, read case studies and get started with the app.

Trusted by Salesforce

In order to list on the AppExchange, all apps must undergo a rigorous security review. This ensures that customer data is protected and the app adheres to the stringent infosec requirements of the Salesforce platform.

We’ve always stated that we take security seriously. Our listing on the AppExchange serves as testament that we deliver on that promise - your org metadata is safe when using Gearset.

Leave a review and help us spread the word

One of the benefits of listing on the AppExchange is our users now have a platform to leave reviews of the app. You can see our listing and leave a review here:

If Gearset has helped you save time and effort with your deployments, leaving a review is a great way to share the love. Every positive review helps us spread the word about Gearset so even more developers and admins can spend less time building deployments and more time doing productive work.

If you’re reading this and have already left us a review: thank you! We really appreciate it.

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