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2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. As a company, Gearset has tried to help where we can, and we’ve often wondered what more we could be doing. Making Gearset free to use with orgs until the end of this year is another way that we’re happy to be able to help.

Salesforce developed to provide companies with the tools and information they need to bring their workforce back to the workplace safely, despite Covid-19. Gearset will help companies to implement faster, so they’re back up and running in the office as quickly as possible. helps companies return to the workplace safely

Companies reopening their offices face a range of challenges and difficult decisions. is designed to meet those challenges. Its suite of apps and services will help companies to handle the transition back to the workplace while keeping employees, customers, and communities safe and informed.

For example, makes it easy for companies to provide relevant training for their employees, to manage shift patterns to prevent crowding, and even to run contact tracing within the company. also provides the information companies need, so they can make data-driven decisions about how to proceed with reopening.

Gearset helps companies implement faster

Implementing will be much easier using Gearset. Salesforce teams regularly tell us that their deployments are eight or nine times faster using Gearset over change sets. This is partly because Gearset removes the need for lots of manual work, and partly because Gearset’s intelligent problem analysis finds and fixes common deployment errors before you deploy. Gearset’s comprehensive DevOps tooling also provides everything teams need for the most robust processes possible.

We’ve always focussed relentlessly on making deployments work first time, and we’re already working hard and running tests to make sure that Gearset handles orgs really well.

Illustration of Salesforce DevOps workflow

How to get Gearset for free

We want to get Gearset into the hands of as many teams and SIs as possible, to help you implement quickly. Just contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get you set up with Gearset - free to use with orgs for the rest of 2020. This doesn’t apply to Salesforce’s legacy add-on, which is a separate product.

Gearset’s support is also free (for everyone, all of the time), and our customer success team are absolutely world-beating - just check out our reviews on G2!

Stay safe!

Most importantly, stay safe. We hope will help with all of the tough decisions that need to be made, so that work can be safe and secure. And we’re really happy to support you all in this small way.

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