Gearset is free for Salesforce MVPs

Kevin Boyle on

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Here at Gearset we’re quite proud of what we’ve built. We’ve been blown away by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received over the past few days at Dreamforce. It’s been hard work for sure, with plenty of sweat and tears poured into making Gearset a reality, but seeing the value real users are gaining makes all the effort worthwhile.

Not all of those sweat and tears were our own though, and we owe an incredible debt to the people who’ve helped us shape the product. One group that has consistently gone above and beyond are the Salesforce MVPs. People like Josh Hoskins, Matt Lacey, Luke Cushanick, and so many others have been extremely generous in their feedback. It’s through their help that we’ve built a service that has the features Salesforce users need for simple, automated, predictable release management.

As a thank you, we’re making our long-standing unofficial policy official and providing free licenses for MVPs.

Grab us in the DevZone in Moscone West to pick up your free license or email us after the event. Thanks for the help, and keep the great advice coming. :)

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