Gearset DevOps Summit: Scale your Salesforce DevOps to maximize ROI

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After the enormous success of our first DevOps Summit in March, we’ve got another fantastic event lined up for you. Join Ben McCarthy of Salesforce Ben at our next live summit on June 10th, when industry speakers from across the community will explore how you can get the most out of Salesforce.

We’ll dive deep into the ROI of Salesforce DevOps, discuss the secrets of high-performing Salesforce teams, and unveil the latest and greatest Gearset product updates, with an exclusive preview on the day. Save your place now to access all the sessions and recordings, take part in the Q&A, and enter our amazing prize draw:

Join us at the Gearset DevOps Summit on June 10th, 2021

The ROI of streamlined Salesforce DevOps

The summit will get off to a flying start with a keynote session jointly led by Ian Gotts, CEO and Founder of, and our very own Kevin Boyle, CEO and Co-Founder of Gearset. These two pioneering experts will launch straight into a discussion of how you can maximize your Salesforce ROI. Find out how robust and automated release processes can both transform the work of your Salesforce team and benefit your company’s wider business operations.

Building a successful DevOps process

What are the foundations of a successful DevOps process? Jason Mann, VP of Customer Success at Gearset, has many years of experience empowering customers to harness the full potential of Salesforce DevOps. He’ll give you his key insights into the benefits of Git-based version control and show you how a source-driven process unlocks a whole new world of DevOps goodness for Salesforce teams.

Something exciting is coming your way

Matt Dickens, Gearset CPO and Co-Founder, has a very special highlight for you. We’re keeping it all under tight wraps until the summit but, let’s just say, we’ve got the very latest and greatest updates coming down the pipeline for Gearset’s enterprise users. Be sure to mark your calendars, and you’ll be among the first to see Matt showcase this exclusive product reveal!

Accelerating Salesforce releases

Salesforce DevOps helps teams release faster and more efficiently to deliver more value to end users. Michael Pettit, Principal Engineer at Comcast, will be joined by Frank Short, Enterprise Account Executive at Gearset, to tell you the story of how the Comcast team dramatically accelerated their release cycle thanks to Gearset. We’re very much looking forward to hearing about this breakthrough achievement and finding out how other teams can emulate Comcast’s success.

How resilient are your Salesforce operations?

Backups are one thing, but how well would your Salesforce team cope with a full-scale data disaster? Gearset’s Ali Daw, Senior Software Engineer, and Jed Ingram, Account Executive, will give you a walkthrough on how best to safeguard your critical data and guarantee business resilience with a complete DevOps toolkit. Find out how integrating seamless backup and restore functions into your DevOps process can bolster your company’s ability to weather any kind of data-related incident.

The secrets of high-performing Salesforce teams

In the final session of the day, our highly accomplished DevOps Panel will discuss the key insights shared by our speakers. Ian Gotts will be joined by Roberto Drumond Da Silva, Senior Technical Architect, Salesforce, Jan van Os, Senior Solution Architect, Salesforce, Greg Grinberg, Senior Director, SilverlineCRM, and Sam Arnold, Account Marketing Manager, Gearset. Make sure you have your questions ready for the panel to address!

Don’t miss out!

Save your place today, so you can tune in live on June 10th and enter our prize draw. One lucky attendee will be in with a chance to win the latest AirPods Max. We’re hoping to see many of you at the summit, but do register either way, so we can send you the full session recordings.

Join us at the Gearset DevOps Summit on June 10th, 2021

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