DevOps Dreamin’ London: new city, still dreamin’!

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Our second DevOps Dreamin’ event really was the stuff of dreams! Based in the heart of London, we welcomed folks from across the Salesforce ecosystem for a day full of DevOps insights.

DevOps Dreamin’

With attendees from across the Salesforce community, and with events spanning from talks to workshops, there was something for everyone. We’re thrilled that so many passionate Salesforce professionals wanted to find out more about DevOps processes and share their own expertise with the community.

There are too many highlights to list them all, but the day was full of insight, innovation, and inspiration. Here are some of our highlights!

Insight into your process

Everyone had the chance to reflect on their own process—no matter their DevOps maturity. Events covered everything from ChatOps to Backups, and no territory was left unquestioned.

Aidan Harding challenged us to consider why we use DevOps, to highlight what really matters to Salesforce teams. As a DevOps consultant, used to working with a variety of clients, Aidan is familiar with adapting DevOps for any team. This was complemented by an interactive session led by Michael Spencer, considering the strengths of Salesforce and how DevOps can help you benefit from the platform’s strength.

There were also great insights into DevOps best practices for all to mull over. Melissa Shepard, the CEO and Founder of Lizztech Consulting, presented her Architect’s Review on DevOps Best Practices. Her focus on the collaboration of DevOps set the tone for all the community hangouts at the event.

Innovation for the whole community

DevOps is all about the continuous improvement of your development and release processes. DevOps Dreamin’ confirmed that there’s always room for innovation in the community.

We got to see some of the cutting-edge functionality being used by DevOps teams. Richard Owen, one of Gearset’s product team, gave a fantastic workshop demonstrating Pipelines. He took us through the UI and how it helps to visualize a release pipeline, keep environments in sync, and painlessly handle merge conflicts.

An image of Gearset CEO, Kevin Boyle, presenting on the future of Salesforce DevOps.

It was great to hear Gearset CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Boyle’s take on The Future of Salesforce DevOps. Using data from over 1000 Salesforce teams, he analyzed current trends to think about the future of the ecosystem—check out our report, The State of Salesforce DevOps 2022, to learn more.

Inspiration from DevOps leaders

DevOps Dreamin’ also hosted some of the leaders in the Salesforce community. For all levels of DevOps experience, our expert speakers had inspiration for everyone!

Photo of the Salesforce Pressure Cooker panel.

We were encouraged to think carefully about our ways of working and wellbeing. Amanda Beard-Neilson, Stephanie Herrera, Louise Lockie, Stuart Mills, and Francis Pindar delivered a moving panel exploring the ‘Salesforce Pressure Cooker’. Their vulnerability in sharing their personal stories was inspiring—provoking conversations around self-care and wellbeing in the community. We were particularly touched that Amanda joined us on her birthday!

We were reminded of the importance of being vulnerable in Josh Birk’s keynote speech, which spoke about his difficulties managing his mental health and expectations in the community. He left us feeling inspired to do more as a community to protect our own health and happiness.

See you next time…

Alongside the insight, innovation and inspiration of all our sessions, DevOps Dreamin’ was also a chance for the local community to reunite and spend time with the Salesforce Ohana.

Lots of attendees came to chat to Gearset’s CPO, Matt Dickens, and our product team, who provided drop-in DevOps consultations throughout the event. If you want to chat with us about your DevOps process, get in touch via the live chat on this page or book in a consultation.

Didn’t make it this time? Stay tuned as we announce our Fall DevOps Dreamin’ event over the coming weeks!

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