DevOps Dreamin' 2022: the first Salesforce community event dedicated to DevOps

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What a whirlwind couple of days! DevOps Dreamin' 2022 has now been and gone, and while the post-event blues are hitting us hard, it's great to be able to look back and remember highlights from such a successful event.

With incredible views overlooking Lake Michigan, the inaugural DevOps Dreamin' was hosted in Chicago from March 31st – April 1st for developers, configurators, architects and anyone responsible for building on Salesforce. Jam-packed with interactive sessions, workshops and hands-on training, the ultimate goal of the two-day event was to help teams on their journey to supercharge their Salesforce release process.

DevOps Dreamin'

This all-round DevOps extravaganza was also a great chance for Salesforce DevOps professionals from around the world to build meaningful relationships. As well as numerous drop-in clinics and talks, attendees had exclusive access to more than 30 Salesforce leaders. We hosted an amazing array of speakers from all corners of the Salesforce DevOps community. You can see a full list of speakers here.

A few of our event highlights

Those who attended the event will have had their pick of brilliant talks over the two days of DevOps Dreamin'. We've picked out our top 5 moments from the event.

Opening keynote: The Future of Salesforce DevOps

Gearset's Head of Operations, Jason Mann, gave this eagerly awaited keynote on day 2 of the event. Hot on the heels of the largest ever survey of Salesforce professionals on DevOps, Jason spoke in detail about The State of Salesforce DevOps 2022. With the help of beautifully illustrated graphics and graphs, Jason explored the latest trends and spoke about what the future of building on Salesforce looks like and what that could mean for you and your team.

The latest innovation projects from Salesforce

Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection at Salesforce led this very dynamic talk featuring the latest innovation updates. Charlie fully committed to the spectacle by treating the audience to a handstand! As well as this energetic display, Charlie explored some very exciting upcoming projects and took a deep dive into how Salesforce innovation continues to change the way we work.

DevOps WTH??? To DevOps Dreamy

Blanca Leon-Carter gave a compelling talk to demystify what DevOps actually is and why it should matter to you and your team. DevOps Dreamin' attendees were able to assess their DevOps maturity in real time. Blanca also explained why CI/CD is so essential, making this a brilliant all-round introduction to Salesforce DevOps.

Getting Started with Github and Gearset: CI Jobs and Source Control

This session was perfect for those source control newbies looking to connect Gearset to their Github account for the first time. Monica Thornton Hill expertly walked us through populating new repositories, weighing up different feature branching methods and merging pull requests.

Community bonding at AceBounce

After a busy two days, it's always great to let your hair down and come together at the after-party. It was brilliant to see colleagues from across the ecosystem let loose and go head to head in a game of ping pong.

A huge thank you!

It was great to finally be at an in-person event after two years of virtual events. Thank you to everyone who came to the event and for your valuable feedback. It was such a special few days, and that was down to the community coming together to share laughs, knowledge and meaningful conversations together.

It goes without saying that the event was such a success because of the brilliant speakers and workshop leaders throughout the two days. We were lucky enough to have some of the most influential people in Salesforce DevOps grace the stage at DevOps Dreamin' and it only makes us more excited for future events. Thank you to every speaker, and for those who submitted. We'll be doing more events in the future so do keep the submissions coming - as we'd love to hear from you!

Our vision was to bring the Salesforce DevOps community together so we could share our insights and experience with each other. We're excited that this is just the start of events dedicated to DevOps!

Gearset Demo

Working together to give back

Not only were we able to enjoy these few days and share our DevOps insights, we also raised $15,610 dollars for charity, just through ticket sales alone. Gearset will be rounding this incredible sum of money up to $20,000, and we're happy to announce that the two charities we have chosen to split the money are Feeding America and the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), specifically its Ukraine humanitarian appeal.

It doesn't have to end here!

If you're looking for your next Salesforce DevOps fix, then look no further. There's loads more great DevOps content available, including a brilliant talk by Dan Appleman, CTO at Full Circle insights over on our webinars page. Unfortunately, Dan wasn't able to speak at DevOps Dreamin' but we were lucky enough to have him at our Summit in early March presenting his talk, The Challenge of Building a DevOps Culture in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

And don't forget, if you're attending TrailblazerDX in San Francisco later this month we'll be hosting a series of events at Southside Spirit House, all day on both April 27th and 28th. Come along for some free food and drinks, DevOps masterclasses, drop-in DevOps certifications and more. We'll also be hosting DevHops afterparties each evening as well, so make sure you stop by! You can keep up to date with all the latest from Gearset by signing up to our newsletter in the website footer.

Gearset DevOps Dreamin' Team 2022

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