Jira update: post deployment notes as comments to your Jira tickets

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With Gearset’s Jira integration (Jira Self-hosted and Jira Cloud) you can effortlessly add Jira tickets to your deployment. Gearset automatically posts deployment updates to your tickets so you can see all the changes your team are making, keep up-to-date with the progress of tickets, and approve releases more efficiently.

With the latest release, any deployment notes you attach will be included in both the deployment report and within the comments posted to your Jira tickets, allowing you to easily track every change that has been made and understand the context of why they have been made. Additionally, Gearset will now display any attached Jira tickets within your deployment reports for a clear and robust audit trail.

Add deployment notes and Gearset will automatically post them to your Jira tickets

Once a Jira connection has been set up, add your Jira ticket(s) on the Summary of objects to deploy page via the Jira updates tab. If you need help with setting up a Jira connection and adding tickets, check out our support guide. Once you’ve added any Jira tickets to your deployment, add any deployment notes you’d like to include.

Add your Jira ticket(s) to your deployment
Add any deployment notes you want to include

Gearset will then automatically post any updates to your tickets, including your deployment notes. If you don’t want to post the updates, simply uncheck the box in the Jira tab.

View your deployment updates and notes under the comments section within Jira

In your Jira ticket you’ll see a direct link to any deployment made along with the deployment notes under the Comments section, making it easy to review and understand every change made for each step of the user story.

View your Jira ticket reference in your deployment report

Deployment reports tell you exactly what’s been deployed between your Salesforce environments, when they were deployed, and any notes made along with the deployment.

If you’ve attached any Jira tickets to your deployment, they will be included in the deployment report, providing you with a complete, clear audit trail.

Add your Jira ticket(s) to your deployment

Deployment summary reports can be found directly after a successful deployment, as shown above, or under Deployment history on the Deployments page.

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With Gearset, you can quickly attach Jira tickets and view all of your deployment updates and accompanying notes within Jira itself. To gain a clear understanding of every change made, start your free 30-day trial of Gearset today!

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