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What can we do with custom metadata types in Salesforce Summer '15?

Kevin Boyle on April 29th 2015

The sun has started to show itself here in Cambridge – people are punting with Pimm’s on the River Cam, strawberries are back in the stores, and that means the Salesforce Summer '15 release is upon us!

A view of punts along the river Cam

Among the many new features this time around, the one that really stands out is custom metadata types.

Aaron Slettehaugh did a great write-up of this feature and the use cases it’s going to unlock, but the long and short of it is that this is the future of how we’ll control configuration data for our Salesforce apps. With custom metadata, we can version and deploy that configuration data along with the rest of our app – one less post-deploy action and and one less thing to check off our list.

At the moment, custom metadata is an API-only feature, meaning there’s no user interface in Salesforce for adding, editing, or manipulating these new objects. This means it can be tricky to deploy and get visibility into what custom metadata is in your org.

Thankfully, Gearset Deploy makes it easy to do this kind of exploration and to move the changes around. Over the weekend I updated Gearset Deploy to support custom metadata, so you can take advantage of this new platform feature immediately.

Showing a Custom Metadata Type in Gearset Deploy

This sample app uses the new feature and will help you get started. We’ll continue to add support for more Summer '15 features, such as quicker deployments, in the coming weeks and months.

So if you want to deploy custom metadata to your Salesforce org and start taking advantage of this powerful new feature, give Gearset Deploy a go.

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