Comparing configuration changes between your environments just got easier

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Gearset has always strived to make it simple to see the differences between your environments. With our updated diff viewer, comparing and understanding your configuration changes is even easier.

Comparisons keep getting simpler with our new Object view

Gearset already makes it simple to see the differences between your orgs through highlighting the changes in a line-by-line XML display. However, the code can be tough to wrap your head around, particularly if you just want to quickly view a few differences between your environments.

With our new Object view, understanding the results of your comparisons is even easier. Instead of having to skim through XML tags, Gearset will show you just the changes in the values that you care about. This is good news for admins and developers alike, as you can focus exactly on the metadata that you want to see without any pesky code to contend with!

How it works

Let’s say I have made a few edits to my custom object, Gearset, in my developer org and want to run a comparison to my staging environment. With this latest update I can now view the changes through either the XML or Object view display.

For developers, the XML view gives you a clear insight into what’s changed, with green showing you added code and red pin-pointing where code has been deleted.

XML view of changes made

This is great if I want a deep dive to confirm exactly what’s changed, but if I wanted a quick overview of what’s been changed, the Object view is the tool for the job.

Object view of changes made

Object view clearly shows the differences between the two orgs, telling me in green that a description to the custom object has been added along with some changes to history tracking. The line highlighted in orange indicates that the enableHistory field has also been changed to true in my source org. If I wanted to see these changes in the XML, I’d have to skim through the tags to find these changes. With Object view, they’re much easier to see at a glance. Simple!

Quickly see the differences between your profiles and value sets too

Our focus is on allowing you to view your changes as simply as possible, so we don’t just stop there with Object view. Gearset’s other custom XML renderers such as Profile and Value set (picklist) rendering let’s you view your settings, items and metadata changes in an easy-to-read table format.

Easily compare your value sets in a table format
Compare specific changes in the xml view too

Here the Value set display lets me compare my standard value set in a speedy, simple fashion. If I want to see the specific changes in the code, I can always switch back to the XML view with a click. This means that no matter what your technical background you can still easily compare your different Salesforce orgs successfully and quickly.

Image rendering for your orgs

Want to see your images and where they exist in your Salesforce environments? Our handy Image rendering means that you can see the actual image as well as its metadata, providing you with the specific changes in the code as well as a visual representation all on the same screen!

See the actual images within your environments
Easily view the image metadata within the XML

Want clearer comparisons of your orgs?

Gearset lets you decide how you want to view your metadata. For our admins or those less comfortable with XML, try the simple Object view or table Value set displays for a clear visualization of your comparisons. If you want to see the specific differences in the code, you can easily switch to the XML view - the choice is yours!

If you want to experience easy and clear comparisons, click here to begin Gearset’s completely free 30 day trial.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about our feautures or using Gearset please get in touch through either the live chat or leave a message for the team at [email protected].

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