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The complete guide to backups for Salesforce

With the upcoming retirement of Salesforce’s Data Recovery service on July 31, lots of Salesforce teams will have questions about the best way to build a backup strategy. That’s why we’ve created a handy guide to backing up your Salesforce org and restoring lost data. Our ebook, free to download now, tackles all of the topics you need to know, with helpful tips and advice from our DevOps experts.

What’s inside Backups for Salesforce?

Data loss on the Salesforce platform

Horror stories like ‘Permageddon’ show that, despite Salesforce being a cloud-hosted CRM, data loss is still a very real risk. The ebook explores how data loss accidents happen, the cost of these events, and how to respond to them. With a secure backup solution in place, you can avoid data disasters no matter how or when they strike.

Backing up and restoring Salesforce orgs

Deciding how best to back up your org can be tough, and planning a restore process is even harder! Thanks to our experience as developers of the leading Salesforce deployment engine, we know what works best, especially when it comes to restoring lost data along with your metadata. From assessing the damage of data loss to restoring from backups, we cover everything you need to know.

Incident response and disaster recovery planning

Having a backup solution in place isn’t enough; you have to know how to restore from it when it counts. 93% of companies without a disaster recovery plan who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within a year. It’s important to always plan ahead. Being aware of legal obligations and how to manage your team during a crisis could be the difference between success and failure.

Security and compliance

Sensitive data needs to be protected and kept in compliance with data protection legislation such as the GDPR and CCPA. This includes backup data. In the ebook, we outline everything you need to consider in terms of security and compliance, whether you’re backing up data manually or looking at third-party solutions.

Options for backing up your Salesforce orgs

Despite Salesforce actively encouraging its customers to use a third-party backup solution, many companies remain unprotected from data loss, while others create their own backups manually. We help you to evaluate the options, so that you can assess your own process, as well as any backup solutions you might consider. Then you can make the right choice for your team.

Gearset’s backup solution

Finally, we explain how Gearset ticks all of the boxes. We believe that backups are the final piece that completes the DevOps puzzle, which is why Gearset allows your data to be restored quickly and reliably, no matter how complex the loss.

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