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About us

Our mission is to make Salesforce release management ingeniously simple.

Gearset was founded in early 2015 by Redgate Software, a Microsoft gold partner that has been developing release management tools for SQL Server, .NET and Oracle for over two decades. Building on that deep expertise, we're now bringing best practice in deployments to the Salesforce platform.

Gearset's powerful features and intuitive design quickly made us the deployment tool of choice for some of the largest companies in the world, from FTSE 100 to the Fortune 5. Whether you’re looking to adopt an Agile release process, improve developer collaboration or speed up project delivery, Gearset’s easy metadata and data deployments, integration with Salesforce DX and powerful automation can help you take control of your Salesforce release management.

Meet the Gearset team

Kevin Boyle
CEO and Co-Founder
Matt Dickens
Marketing and Co-Founder
Stephen Chambers
Head of Product Design
Lissie Allison
Executive Assistant
Jason Mann
Customer Success
Valerio Chang
Customer Success
Ellis Toms
Simon Breslaw
Sian Baldwin
Graphic Designer
Paul Scott
UX Designer
Andrew Hunter
Software Engineer
Luke Drury
Software Engineer
Gabriel Cowley
Software Engineer
Catherine Bacon
Software Engineer
Oli Lane
Software Engineer
Ali Daw
Software Engineer
Matthew Guy
Software Engineer
Aaron Law
Software Engineer
Tom Smith
Software Engineer
Alex Walter
Software Engineer
Gwilym Kuiper
Software Engineer
Calvin Childs
Software Engineer
Christopher Moore
Software Engineer
Kirill Afanasjev
Software Engineer
Ian Hand
Software Engineer
Ben Tozer
Sales Manager
Jack Weatherly
Account Executive
Frank Short
Account Executive
Hannah Ridge
Account Executive
Alice Smith
Sales Development
David Pearson
Account Executive
Harvey Barringer
Sales Development
Jollie Lam
Sales Development
Jack McCurdy
Account Executive
Toby Newman
Sales Development
Tina Budhrani
Sales Development
Sara Turkentine
Technical Recruiter

A brief history of Gearset

December 2018

Gearset goes on tour again as platinum sponsors at the New York World Tour

October 2018

Gearset is crowned winner of the InspireEast 2018 Demo Jam!

September 2018

Dreamforce 2018 marks our fourth adventure to the Developer Forest

March 2018

Gearset heads to TrailheaDX as a summit sponsor for the Salesforce developer event of the year

November 2017

Gearset does Dreamforce for the third year running. With 3 presentations and over 700 conversations, it's a week to remember

May 2017

An action-packed day of learning at the Salesforce London World Tour

October 2016

The team's second Dreamforce, launching our unique automation and org monitoring

June 2016

We sponsor the first ever TrailheaDX, pioneering the developer-first experience

September 2015

Our hosted app launches at Dreamforce to a great reception. What an experience!

April 2015

Gearset Deploy desktop version released. The story begins...