Lightning Talks

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Watch this set of Lightning Talks from DevOps Dreamin'.

You can see talks from the following:

  • Anna Wałach-Dudzic ( Engineering Director CWE) and Evgeny Vladimirov (Engineering Manager) at Aquiva Labs showcase their code AI checker tool for pull requests. A tool built using Bitbucket, AWS and OpenAI that automatically reviews pull requests, detects issues and provides recommendations on how to resolve the issues.

  • Adrian King (CTO & Founder at talks about the numbers around CRM projects, the financial impact of these digital transformation projects and what businesses can do to make these projects successful.

  • Sam Chappell (Chief Technical Officer at Performa IT) discusses how DevOps can be used to improve efficiencies, governance and team cohesion - even in SMEs.

  • Stuart Grieve (Senior Consultant) and Lynette Lim (Senior Delivery Principal) at Slalom talk about how large-scale clinical trials can be enabled with unlocked packages.

  • Samuel Arroyo Acuña (VP, Product & Technology) at Provar discusses where Provar are planning to go in the future with their end-to-end testing solution for Salesforce to improve the overall quality of releases.

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