How McKesson deploys with Gearset: A walkthrough guide with Monica Thornton Hill

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Salesforce developer Monica Thornton Hill, takes us through how McKesson (Fortune 5 healthcare giant) builds, validates and deploys changes between Salesforce environments in minutes with Gearset.

The McKesson team use CI jobs to migrate declarative changes automatically every 4 hours. For code changes, they use Gearset’s compare and deploy on Fridays.

Step 1: Monica selects her source and target and selects the relevant metadata filter.

Step 2: Monica chooses the items she wants to include in her deployment package.

Step 3: On the problem analysis page, Monica checks whether there are any potential issues with her package.

Step 4: Before deploying, Monica uses the in-house naming convention to give the deployment a traceable name.

Step 5: Monica specifies which tests she wants Gearset to run validation checks against the package.

Step 6: To avoid the deployment to production happening while users are in the org, Monica schedules the deployment to happen outside of work hours and configures notifications to alert her and the team of the outcome of that deployment,

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