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Episode 031 — Jolene Mair: Protect your Salesforce data, and your sanity!

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Jolene Mair is a Salesforce Application Engineer at cybersecurity company, HackerOne. She is also a Gearset DevOps leader. Jolene has six-years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, is 11x Salesforce certified, bringing technical expertise and deep knowledge of Salesforce to an industry where protecting data and creating great user experiences are central to success.

In this episode Jack and Jolene go deep on data backup for Salesforce. They discuss why it’s important, why it’s overlooked, and why backing up and securing Salesforce orgs is a team sport.

If you’re wondering why Salesforce is tricky to back up, even more so to restore and how you can save yourself countless hours in downtime, this is the episode for you. Jolene shares some of the scenarios she’s found herself in, and what she did to overcome them — and you’ll never have to face the same challenges again.

Backing up your Salesforce org, or not, has consequences for your entire organization. Jack and Jolene dives into the knock-on effect on everyone from end users, Salesforce admins, and even executives. This episode is your Salesforce backup bible!

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