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Episode 014 — Justin Edelstein: An introduction to Web3

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Justin Edelstein has 17 years experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. He is one of the co-founders and now board member of Salesforce consultancy Arkus, is a member of the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame, and has been a key figure in establishing Salesforce’s Web3 offering.

In this episode, Justin and Jack uncover what Web3 is and the foundations of this emerging technology, including a dive into blockchain and NFTs. Justin also shares his experience of guiding the development of Web3 Cloud with Salesforce, and how this technology has the potential to transform customer experiences.

Web3 goes far beyond art and cryptocurrency. Justin gives his take on how to create mass appeal where consumers can leverage this emerging technology, and how Salesforce customers have started to use Web3 along with AI in a secure way to provide new customer experiences and brand partnerships.

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