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Why does Zillow use Gearset? Salesforce deployments 8x faster than change sets

David Runciman on May 26th 2020

Zillow is an online real estate platform that connects millions of buyers, sellers, real estate agents and brokerage agencies across the US. Zillow prides itself on empowering consumers with data and connecting them with the best local real estate professionals.

Looking to replace change sets, Zillow started using Gearset to manage their Salesforce releases in 2018. We're massively grateful to the Salesforce team at Zillow for sharing their story with us: why they needed to move on from change sets, and how they get on with Gearset!

Is your team ready to move on from change sets?

If, like Zillow, you and your team find that using change sets for deployments costs precious time and effort, it might be time to find a proper release management solution. With Gearset you can compare orgs, select changes, and deploy - all in a few clicks. Contact [email protected] to book a demo, or try it for yourself with our free 30-day trial; just click the button below.

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