Webinar recording: How to set up a Salesforce DevOps process with Gearset

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All Salesforce teams are different and have slightly different needs. But one thing that unites developers and operators alike is the desire for a better way to manage their deployment and release process. That’s where DevOps comes in. Whether you’re just getting started on your DevOps journey or you’re already on the way, our latest webinar can help you reach the next level using Gearset.

Why is DevOps important?

There are different ideas about what a good DevOps process for Salesforce looks like. In this webinar, we begin by exploring the key benefits of having a robust DevOps process in place. From quicker deployment and innovation cycles to reduced errors and improved product quality, DevOps is all about reliability and the speed at which value is delivered to end users.

Your DevOps journey

We identify the four pillars that make up a sophisticated DevOps process, explaining how each one can help your team progress to the next stage of your journey.

  • Version control
  • Continuous integration
  • Testing
  • Backup

We also make sure to cover the different tools that can help you implement each pillar successfully, such as GitHub or Bitbucket for version control.

The best way to put it all together? Gearset

Source-driven DevOps workflow

As the leading DevOps tool for Salesforce, Gearset makes it easy for you to incorporate all of these elements into your process. In our timed demo, we show you how to set up a source-driven DevOps workflow with Gearset in just nineteen minutes and twenty-seven seconds. That’s pretty quick.

To see how we set up our DevOps process, catch up here!

Think you can beat us?

We challenge you to beat our time! Drop a tweet or LinkedIn post with the hashtag #GearsetDevOpsChallenge and let us know how fast you were. Complete the challenge and you’ll get a $50 Amazon gift card or a charity donation to Feeding America. Plus, we’ll send you a Gearset cap if you beat our time! (We know you want one.) 🧢

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