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Watch Traction's story about switching from change sets to Gearset

Simon Breslaw on June 12th 2020

Traction on Demand, North America's largest independent Salesforce consultancy, implements Salesforce solutions for companies of all sizes. The work it does for its clients involves a staggering number of daily deployments between environments, which are carried out by a fast-growing team of developers, many of whom mostly make declarative changes.

Before switching to Gearset, Traction used change sets for its deployments, a process all of the team experienced as 'very painful' and time-consuming. Gearset is now an essential tool for the team at Traction because it gives them a user-friendly way to deploy between environments, showing them exactly what items are deployed each time, and saving them thousands of hours compared to their previous process with change sets.

Are you still suffering the pain of change sets? 😣

If Traction's story sounds familiar to you, perhaps you and your team are ready to move on from the pain of change sets too. Gearset lets you compare orgs, select changes and deploy with just a few clicks from an easy-to-use UI, plus lots more besides 🚀

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