An easier way to view failed deployments and validations with Gearset

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Gearset has always endeavoured to increase the visibility users have into their Salesforce environments. As well as a complete history of successful deployments and validations, you can now view in-progress and failed deployments from the deployment history page as well as see which validations have failed under the validated packages page. Finding and fixing deployment issues is now faster and easier than ever.

View your in-progress, successful and failed deployments

With Gearset, keeping a complete audit trail is easy. You can view a full history of your team’s deployments across all of your environments and download detailed deployment reports in a matter of seconds.

On the Deployment History page, you’ll be able to see in-progress, successful and failed deployments. For successful deployments, you can download the detailed deployment report. If the deployment failed, you can dive into the cause by clicking View errors. Deployment error reports let you to see exactly why your deployments have failed, making it faster and easier to figure out what went wrong, fix any issues and ensure more successful and reliable deployments next time.

See a complete history of all your deployments

Easily see any failed validations

Under the Validated Packages page you can view a complete history of all of your saved validated packages. For your successfully validated deployment packages, you’ll have the option to view a summary, schedule or deploy instantly. However, if your validation did fail, you can easily find out why by viewing the errors.

View your successfull and failed validations

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