What's the state of Salesforce DevOps in 2021?

What's the state of Salesforce DevOps in 2021?

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The Salesforce ecosystem is embracing DevOps like never before. Over the last six years, more and more teams have been adopting DevOps tools and processes. And now that Salesforce itself promotes DevOps, that trend is set to accelerate. But what’s the state of Salesforce DevOps right now? We want to know - and you can help us by taking part in our survey! As an extra incentive (as if you needed one 😉 ), you can enter our prize draw for a MacBook!

Why run a Salesforce DevOps survey?

It’s an exciting time in the world of Salesforce DevOps. Teams around the world are getting to grips with new tools, new concepts, new ways of working. And their companies are reaping the rewards: more agility at less cost, and more value delivered faster. We want to capture this moment by gathering data about your team: how you work, the successes you’ve had, the challenges you face.

There can be bumps in the road on the journey to DevOps maturity. But together, developers and admins are perfecting the craft of DevOps for Salesforce using tools like Gearset. Whatever stage your team is at - whether you’re just moving on from change sets, or you’re perfecting your CI/CD workflow - we want to hear from you.

Gearset has long advocated DevOps for Salesforce, and we’ve spoken with many of you in person about your workflows and processes. Your experience and insights will give us more quantitative data that we can analyze and present to you, helping us all to understand the present moment and map out the future.

What next?

The survey will be open until February 16th. Feel free to share the survey with your network, and watch out for updates about the results!

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