Webinar: register for our free talk on best-practice Salesforce release management

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Salesforce is an incredibly powerful and fast-growing platform. By pioneering the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, it has enabled thousands of businesses to improve their operational efficiency and grow their sales.

Adopting a company-wide platform is not without its challenges. Managing change and avoiding conflict in a system where end users, as well as development teams, are encouraged to edit the production environment requires a planned approach and effective information management.

As a Salesforce user, Redgate Software has experienced the all-too-common pain points, and last year it decided to turn its expertise in release management to Salesforce. The result was Gearset, a new and effective tool to simplify release management in Salesforce.

Free webinar on Tuesday 26th January

To help spread the word on a better way to manage Salesforce releases, the team behind Gearset are running a webinar (on Tuesday 26th January at 4pm GMT) where we’ll be sharing our insider tips on how to become a deployment expert and avoid the common pain points. Register your place on the webinar now and find out how to save your business time and money with better release management.

We’re also seeking feedback from the community on what you find difficult with release management. This will help shape our product roadmap to ensure we build a tool that delivers value to as many people as possible.

Ready to get started with Gearset?