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How McKesson deploys with Gearset: a walkthrough video with Monica Thornton Hill, Salesforce Developer

Ellis Toms on January 8th 2020

Fortune 5 giant McKesson - the oldest and largest healthcare company in the US - is dedicated to creating a world of better health.

Three years ago, after the Medical-Surgical group’s deployments were taking “anywhere between 6-12 hours” (Matt Avitable, McKesson), the team began evaluating DevOps solutions to reduce deployment time and streamline their process.

After choosing Gearset, their release process changed from slow and error-prone to a “fast, automated deployment pipeline” with a much higher release cadence due to Gearset’s “continuous integration jobs pushing changes every 4 hours throughout the week” (Matt Avitable, McKesson).

Monica Thornton Hill, Salesforce Admin-turned-Developer, previously found the prospect of Salesforce deployments daunting: “before Gearset I was terrified to even touch anything that had something to do with a deployment - I couldn’t imagine ever running one”.

Flashforward to today and Monica is now a Salesforce Developer at McKesson, training her fellow teammates, helping other teams level up their DevOps processes, and showing them how to manage their releases more effectively with Gearset.

Learn from the expert herself and take a look at this video with Monica, as she takes you through how she easily builds, validates, and deploys changes with Gearset.

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