Dreamforce - 1 booth, 4 days, 600 demos. What a week!

Jason Mann on

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It’s over. We made it! Dreamforce was bigger than ever this year, with well over 170,000 attendees descending upon central San Francisco. It was a tough week, but I think it’s fair to say it went better than we could ever have expected.

Our booth, in the heart of the DevZone, was packed from open to close every day - not surprising given we gave over 600 demos during the week! The whole team was blown away by the positive response and the level of engagement from the community. To each and everyone who came along to our booth for a chat, a demo or just to collect one of our swanky t-shirts: thank you!

It’s difficult to pick a single highlight - the Foo Fighters were definitely up there - but for me it was seeing people bring their colleagues back to the booth to show them Gearset and how it could help them out with their deployments. If that’s not a sign that you’re doing something right, I don’t know what is.

Here’s a picture of the team celebrating on Friday afternoon, well-earned beers in hand.

The team relaxing on Friday afternoon

Next steps - responding to your feedback

Gearset has always been focussed on being responsive to feedback. One of the benefits of promoting our product to such a wide audience was the sheer volume of comments and feature suggestions we gained over the week.

We’re working to process all of the feedback and use it to develop our new product roadmap. When it’s complete, we’ll set out our plans for product development over the next 6-12 months so you can see the journey we’re taking with Gearset based on all of your feedback.

Stay tuned for more information on our product roadmap and, once again, thank you.

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