Deploying LeadConvertSettings with Gearset

Deploying LeadConvertSettings with Gearset

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Gearset makes deploying your Salesforce metadata ingeniously simple by giving you a visual comparison between your orgs before you deploy your changes. From Profiles, to Custom Objects, to LeadConvertSettings, Gearset can help speed up your deployments and automate those slow, manual tasks.

What are LeadConvertSettings?

The LeadConvertSettings metadata type represents an organization’s custom field mappings for lead conversion. For example, custom fields can be mapped from Leads to Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. You can read more about them in the Salesforce API documentation here.

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Deploying LeadConvertSettings with Gearset

One of the common causes of deployment issues with Salesforce metadata is a lack of visibility into what’s different between your environments. For example, if you’ve been working your LeadConvertSettings mappings and you now want to deploy those from your developer org to your testing sandbox, it’s a good idea to review the changes before you release them to make sure you’re not overwriting someone else’s work.

With Gearset, getting this visibility into the state of yours orgs is really easy. Just make sure the metadata types you’re looking for are selected in Gearset’s metadata filter, then run a comparison to view the exact differences between your orgs. For example, include LeadConvertSettings in the metadata filter, and you’ll be able to see the new or changed items you’d like to deploy.

Compare and deploy your LeadConvertSettings

Once you’re done, you’ll receive an email notification of the successful deployment and then the result will be added to the deployment history for an easy audit trail.

Get started with easy LeadConvertSettings deployments

With Gearset, you can say goodbye to the repetitive, time-consuming steps that can lead to deployment failure. Instead deploy your LeadConvertSettings simply, quickly, and successfully.

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