Gearset DevOps Summit

Developing a long-term Salesforce DevOps mindset

Welcome to the Gearset DevOps Summit

What’s your long-term Salesforce DevOps plan? Succeeding with DevOps requires more than just technical knowhow — you need a strategic alignment of tools, process and culture.

Join this virtual summit to gain valuable insights from leaders in the Salesforce community and understand the benefits of planning for success. From end-to-end release management to reliable disaster recovery and security, you’ll gain practical skills to use in your day-to-day work.


What to expect

During this summit, between the keynote and the panel discussion, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into key themes in one of three breakout sessions. In these sessions led by industry experts, you’ll gain practical insights and learn techniques to master your skills. If torn when picking from the breakout options live at the event, don’t worry! After the summit, you’ll receive recordings of all three along with the main sessions.

Breakout 1: CI/CD Pipelines for long term projects

Supercharge your CI/CD pipeline. With new functionality supporting slower-moving, longer projects, discover how Gearset's Pipelines simplifies any workflow.

Breakout 2: Metadata comparisons have had an upgrade

The Salesforce ecosystem has evolved — your teams are larger, your orgs are bigger. Comparing your whole org every time no longer makes sense. Find out how to get a more streamlined approach when comparing and deploying metadata.

Breakout 3: Data storage optimization

Explore how teams address the challenge of keeping storage costs down and meet compliance regulations on their Salesforce orgs.


Join us as we unpack solutions to the most pressing challenges for long-term success on Salesforce.

Event registration

Whatever your job role, if you’re interested in learning more about DevOps best practices this is an event you shouldn’t miss!

The Gearset Summit has ended. Thanks for joining us!

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