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Start #DF21 with 4 days of quick-fire, insightful and action-oriented sessions.

Each day we'll have 5 sessions lasting 10-15 minutes that will appeal to platform owners, CRM managers, Center of Excellence teams, architects, admins, developers, testers and consultants.

One registration gets you access to all of the sessions, both live and on demand.

Tuesday September 14th - Friday September 17th 2021
10am PT/1pm EST/6pm BST

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Tuesday September 14th 2021

Preparing for the Salesforce Business Analysis Certification

Salesforce is investing in Business Analysis training; Architects, Trailhead and Salesforce BA Certification next year. This session covers the key BA skills to master.

Presented by: | Speaker: Ian Gotts, Founder and CEO

Business Process Mapping with Actor Ryan Reynolds

As well as an actor, Ryan Reynolds is also the owner of Aviation Gin. In this live workshop with him we'll show you how to engage end-users, capture UPN process diagrams and deliver on requirements.

Presented by: | Speaker: Ryan Reynolds, Actor and Owner of Aviator Gin

Shift Left Saves 80% of Wasted Development Effort

Shift Left “the earlier you spot issues the cheaper they are to fix”. In 3 simple steps we’ll show you how to save up to 80% in development, testing and release effort.

Presented by:

Reduce Org Discovery Time by 50%

Walking into a new Org as a consultant or new employee is scary. This proven approach can reduce the time by 50% and dramatically lower your stress levels.

Presented by:

3 Preconditions for a Successful Test Automation Design

Discover the 3 preconditions needed for a successful test automation design, including strategies for early buy-in, test requirements, and how to future proof your test automation portfolio.

Presented by: Provar | Speaker: Chris Armstrong, QA Strategy Consultant

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Wednesday September 15th 2021

Salesforce Devops - What is Next?

Vernon Keenan from will talk about how improving devops tools helps to enable agile management. He will provide a bird's-eye view of Salesforce Devops that helps architects and platform owners make smart decisions.

Presented by: | Speaker: Vernon Keenan, DevOps Analyst

5 Considerations when Selecting a DevOps Toolset

You’re adopting DevOps, but you need a toolset to match your ambitions and fit in with your current way of working. Discover the top things to consider to find the perfect solution.

Presented by: Gearset | Speaker: Ryan Nebuda, Sales Engineer

How to Reach DevOps Maturity

Explore how to measure and grow the DevOps maturity of Salesforce teams. Discover how a mature DevOps strategy impacts business, builds operational resilience, and why that’s important.

Presented by: Gearset | Speaker: Claudia McPhail, Sales Engineer

Managing Salesforce and Slack Development

Salesforce is now Slack-first. Slack has powerful no-code customization capabilities. You need to manage it like any Salesforce release and this session explores how.

Presented by:

How to Build for Scalable Salesforce Test Automation

Explore recommended practices for set-up of scalable build processes including: structure, orgs, test environments, smoke test projects, verification process, and test reporting structure.

Presented by: Provar | Speaker: Michael Dailey, DevOps Consultant

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Thursday September 16th 2021

The CarFax for your Org: Configuration Knowledge

You wouldn’t buy a $5,000 car without checking its CarFax. Now you can have a CarFax for your Org so you can make changes with confidence. It’s called ConfigKnowledge because OrgFax sounds so 1990’s.

Presented by: | Speaker: Ian Gotts, Founder and CEO

How to Increase Agility with Unbreakable Tests

Learn how Provar’s Salesforce-aligned architecture can radically improve your software delivery, while improving team agility with unbreakable tests.

Presented by: Provar | Speaker: Geraint Waters, CEO and Co-Founder

Realizing the Value of CI/CD

Beyond increased release velocity, what does a continuous delivery model bring to your business? Find out the often overlooked, but highly valuable, benefits of implementing CI/CD.

Presented by: Gearset | Speaker: Jason Mann, Head of Customer Success

Supercharging Devops

Presented by: | Speaker: Carlos Siqueira

Tech Debt is not Bad, it is Inevitable. How to Live with Tech Debt.

Understanding which tech debt has the latest impact is critical.

Presented by:

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Friday September 17th 2021

What Does Success Look Like?

Presented by: IBM, Excelsior College, Splunk and Zillow

Org Merge/Consolidation Best Practice

Presented by:

10 Lessons from Analyzing 9 Billion Metadata Items

We’ve analyzed over 9 BILLION Salesforce metadata items and the results are surprising and insightful. This session looks at the 10 lessons learnt.

Presented by: | Speaker: Ksawery Lisinski, VP of Product Management

3 Ways to Drive More ROI from Salesforce

Presented by:

Why 91% of Successful Customers have a Center of Excellence

Presented by:

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