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Gearset scheduled talks @ Dreamforce '16

Here at GearsetHQ we like to share back with the community whenever we can. Dreamforce is an amazing opportunity to meet, share with and learn from all the #AwesomeAdmins and super Salesforce developers out there and this year Gearset will be giving two talks in the Dev Zone.

Make sure to come along to learn about the quick wins you can immediately implement to improve your Salesforce testing, as well as how to create an agile release management process.

6 Practical Tips To Improve Your Salesforce Testing

Moscone West, Innovation Theater

Thursday, October 6, 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM


Testing your code to ensure it’s working correctly is a core tenet of good development. Good tests protect your development investment, provide the confidence to make changes safely and quickly, and help enforce business requirements. Writing tests that get you to the magic 75% code coverage requirement is easy, but writing great tests that help protect you as you work is a real skill. In this talk, Kevin discusses why and how we test in Salesforce, and demonstrates 6 practical tips to help you write great tests that don’t become a maintenance headache. View schedule and bookmark >

Kevin Boyle
CEO, Gearset

Beyond change sets: Driving Agile deployment success in six easy steps

Moscone West, 2009

Friday, October 7, 8:30 AM - 9:10 AM


Change sets are a great starting point for Salesforce deployments, but to realize the benefits of Agile release management you need to move beyond manual processes. Join Kevin as he explains the key steps to increasing visibility, improving collaboration, and effective automation that delivers value for developers and admins alike. Agile release management has never been so easy. View schedule and bookmark >

Kevin Boyle
CEO, Gearset

We've been busy since Dreamforce 2015

Gearset is a game changer for simplifying Salesforce deployments

Missed our talk at Dreamforce 2015? Watch it now.

Want to learn the techniques for turning quick Salesforce deployment fixes into a mature and reliable release management process?

Watch Gearset's Kevin Boyle share his experiences and practical tips for improving your deployment process.

Gearset at Dreamforce 2015