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Trust matters at Gearset

Ben Assirati on August 7th 2020

Trust is one of our most valuable assets at Gearset. It gives you the confidence that we're always working to help your business and make our product better. We want current and prospective Salesforce users to see that your trust in us is well-placed, so we've created a new Trust page with all the DevOps data you need to see what we can offer your business!

How we earn your trust

Trust doesn't work without transparency. At Gearset we want to be open about what we can offer your business. Our Trust page is updated in real-time to show the savings we've made to our users around the world so far.

Time & Productivity savings

These numbers have been worked out after long conversations with our community, averaging out the hours saved every time you use our tools. These savings show the value we've already given - and promise the future value we can give to our users.

How we keep your trust

Trust can take years to build, and minutes to lose. We understand the importance of user data, so every stat on the Trust page is aggregated and anonymized – your privacy matters.

We believe in our product, and we believe you do too! User satisfaction is fundamental to what we do at Gearset; the feedback we receive from you lets us know we're doing a good job, and gives you the chance to let us know how we can add even more value to your business.

With more than 4 million deployments and over 700 million unit tests run, the numbers speak for themselves. We promise unparalleled deployment success with the most powerful DevOps engine in the ecosystem, and the Trust page has been designed to show you that we deliver on that promise.

Gearset DevOps statistics

We don't just offer success - we offer the security that's crucial for any tech company. We're committed to making sure that your business is protected, offering enterprise-grade security. Gearset is not only compliant with GDPR, we are also ISO 27001 certified. Your data is safe with us!

Success with security

How you can trust us to be your Salesforce DevOps solution

To see more real-time figures, or to read about our security and data protection standards, you can visit the Trust page here. This page represents our promise to provide the best DevOps tools for our users, and an ongoing commitment to add value to your Salesforce business. If you're interested in how Gearset can benefit your company, book a consultation with one of our experts now.

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