Live summit: The key drivers of DevOps success

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The Gearset DevOps Summit is back, and it's bigger than ever! On October 14th, we'll explore the key drivers of DevOps success with a stellar lineup of industry leaders from Salesforce and the pioneering companies at the forefront of DevOps innovation. Join us live for a front-row seat at the virtual sessions, which will be packed with the latest insights and practical advice.

Join us at the Gearset DevOps Summit on October 14th, 2021

People, tools, and processes

The Summit will open with a keynote presentation by Andrew Fawcett, VP of Product Management for Salesforce's Platform team, and our very own Kevin Boyle, CEO and Co-Founder of Gearset. Andrew and Kevin will shine a spotlight on the theme for the half-day event by setting out three essential pieces of the DevOps puzzle: people, tools, and processes. Find out how to encompass these key drivers in an effective DevOps strategy to ensure your team's success!

More insight for maximum ROI

Teams that have successfully brought together their people, tools, and processes are able to track the impact of their DevOps strategy. We're thrilled that Ian Gotts, CEO and Founder of, will be joining us again for another Gearset DevOps Summit to share his insights into how you can maximize your DevOps ROI through a better understanding of your org configuration. At our last summit, Ian's deep dive into how teams can maximize their Salesforce ROI sparked off a lively and fascinating discussion among attendees, so we're very much looking forward to seeing his presentation!

Building DevOps skill sets

While we tend to focus on the tools and processes of DevOps, we shouldn't forget the people who use them. With DevOps skills and expertise in huge demand, building a career in Salesforce DevOps is possibly the smartest (and most lucrative!) career move you can make right now. Who better to give you their expert advice on the ins and outs of the jobs market for Salesforce DevOps than Lucy Mazalon, Editor and Co-Founder of Salesforce Ben, and Heather Black, CEO and Founder of Supermums Training and Recruitment!


At our last summit, Matt Dickens, CPO and Co-Founder of Gearset, treated us all to an early demo of Gearset's Pipelines tool. It's fair to say that Matt's spectacularly executed live demo truly wowed attendees and created a real buzz around this exciting product update. Pipelines is currently in a pilot phase while our Gearset devs are busy adding even more functionality in response to feedback from early adopters. We can't wait to see Oli Lane, Senior Engineering Lead at Gearset, showcase the latest developments.

Visualizing Salesforce releases

Giving every member of your team access to a complete overview of your release pipeline helps to streamline collaboration. Everyone can check for all the latest status updates on your environments, automated job runs, and changes available for promotion. We're honored and absolutely delighted that Karen Fidelak, Senior Director of Product Management at Salesforce, is joining us again for a fireside chat with Matt Dickens about the benefits of giving the whole team visibility into your releases.

From manual releases to modern CI/CD

Many deployment and automation tools just aren't up to the task of managing shared admin and developer workflows or rapid releases on Salesforce. So how do you build a modern CI/CD pipeline that will work for all of your team? Joining us from Xometry, Chris Cope, Senior Director of Software Engineering, and Hongda Zhou, Senior Salesforce Administrator, will share their success story with Maritina Tsembelis. Learn more from Xometry about how you can use Gearset to implement Salesforce and improve your release process for all team members thanks to cutting-edge DevOps tools.

How to implement your DevOps strategy

With so much to digest and reflect on, our DevOps panel of industry experts will discuss what we've just heard in the previous sessions - drawing out what you can do to get the most success out of managing your Salesforce implementation. Make sure you have your questions ready to put to the panel! Ian Gotts will be joined by:

  • Stella Michael, Director of CRM, Spectrum Health
  • Lex Makuta, Senior Salesforce Admin, DoorDash
  • Emily McCowan, Salesforce Architect, Deloitte Digital
  • Geoffrey Bessereau, Senior Technical Architect, Persistent Systems.

Don't miss out on the prize draw!

A Gearset DevOps Summit wouldn't be complete without an amazing prize draw. Tune in to the live summit and your name will be added to our virtual sweepstakes hat, putting you in with a chance to win the latest iPad Pro!

Register for the Summit on October 14th to enter a fantastic prize draw!

See you on October 14th!

We can't wait to kick off another summit and speak to you all again. As always, we love to see and hear from all our new and old friends. Be sure to mark your calendars and register now for on-demand recordings of the sessions after the event!

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