What the Women in Salesforce DevOps aim to achieve in 2022

What the Women in Salesforce DevOps aim to achieve in 2022

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On December 2nd, the Women in Salesforce DevOps community gathered again to catch up ahead of Christmas and share their plans for 2022. The virtual meet-up allowed for a global gathering, with women joining from right across the US and Europe.

This event comes just a couple of months after the new Women in Salesforce DevOps community got off to a flying start with our first event in London. Read on to find out more about the plans we shared for 2022 and how you can get involved!

What is the Women in Salesforce DevOps community?

Our friendly community brings together the women building on Salesforce, so we can support and inspire each other as we develop careers in Salesforce DevOps. We’re a growing, global network of admins, devs, architects, consultants and more besides, meeting regularly to share experiences and enjoy spending time together!

DevOps is a trending topic in the Salesforce world, but plenty of people are still in the early stages of working out what Salesforce DevOps is all about, or how to implement DevOps tools and practices with their team. Others are blazing a trail and demonstrating how it should be done! Wherever you’re at, Women in Salesforce DevOps is the group to be part of for sharing knowledge and experiences with each other.

This year’s Christmas meet-up

We had a fantastic time at this first global meet-up for the community! We went around the room, hearing from these incredible women about their career paths, what they had learned in 2021, and what they hope to achieve in 2022!

Louise Lockie joined us to describe her journey as a solo entrepreneur. As well as seeing success, Louise has also been learning how to decide which opportunities to pursue. She gave us her insights on recognizing how easy it is to say yes to everything, and how to be aware of personal capacity when deciding whether to say yes.

We heard a series of inspiring career stories from attendees at our Christmas meet-up, from those who’ve recently landed a new job as a Salesforce admin, through exciting certifications achieved, to promotions into senior dev and management roles. It was great to be able to celebrate Salesforce career success and learn from each other’s journeys.

The Women in Salesforce DevOps who were able to join us have also been shaping the culture in their workplaces, and we celebrated these successes. Some have been actively encouraging diversity. Others have been changing the perception of Salesforce internally, and championing the platform to their colleagues.

Best of all, we had such a great time! It was so good to see our community super happy to be supporting each other 😊

Women in Salesforce DevOps catching up

See you next time!

It was great to spend this time together sharing plans for the year to come. We’re looking forward to our next event already - watch this space! To make sure you find out about the next Women in Salesforce DevOps event, join our community mailing list:

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