Women in Salesforce DevOps: a new global community initiative

Women in Salesforce DevOps: a new global community initiative

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Women in Salesforce DevOps is a brand new community initiative that aims to inspire and empower women who are passionate about building on Salesforce. This friendly and inclusive new initiative will connect women from all over the world and give them a space where they can help and support one another along their Salesforce DevOps journeys.

The community’s first meetup is happening on the 8th of September at the Madison Rooftop Bar in London, and we want to see you there! Make sure to RSVP now to reserve your space. Read on for more details below!

What is Salesforce DevOps?

There’s been a buzz around Salesforce DevOps for some time, but what is it exactly? DevOps is the industry standard way of agile software development and delivery on other platforms - but it’s still relatively new to Salesforce. The key benefit of DevOps for Salesforce is that it gives teams the ability to deploy much more frequently and reliably, leading to quicker and more robust development and release cycles. This in turn saves companies huge amounts of money and time, while delivering a continual stream of added value to end users.

Salesforce professionals with expertise in DevOps are highly sought after - 85% of teams are already using or planning to adopt DevOps in 2021. So there’s a big community of Salesforce professionals around the world looking to scale up their DevOps knowledge.

Why we created Women in Salesforce DevOps

Unfortunately, there’s still a gender imbalance in Salesforce DevOps, a situation that needs improving right across the technology sector. In more recent years, Salesforce has been making great progress in this area by making diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities a core pillar of their company culture.

While it’s good that awareness is growing, there’s still plenty of work to be done. That’s why we established this community to address the need for better gender diversity in Salesforce DevOps. Our vision is for this community to give women around the world a chance to inspire and empower each other on their career journeys.

Join our first community event in London!

Our first Women in Salesforce DevOps community event is taking place on September 8th in London at the exquisite Madison Rooftop Bar! Join us for an evening of cocktails, canapés and conversation, and meet your fellow DevOps Trailblazers - RSVP now to reserve your spot!

Get involved at a future event

We’ll be planning more events in the future, including local meetups across the US and UK, as well as virtual events. Our events will offer you a chance to network and socialize with other women working in Salesforce DevOps, giving you the opportunity to share your knowledge and learn from others. This community is for any women, both new and experienced to DevOps, and we want everyone involved! Make sure to sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date about events near you.

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