DevOps Launchpad: A new platform for mastering Salesforce DevOps 🚀

DevOps Launchpad: A new platform for mastering Salesforce DevOps 🚀

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We recently built DevOps Launchpad to help Salesforce professionals looking to level up their skill set and develop their knowledge of Salesforce DevOps. The new training platform offers everyone in the community an enjoyable way of learning key DevOps concepts and implementation strategies from in-depth courses written by experienced experts.

Whether you’re new to DevOps or looking to broaden your understanding of current best practice, our DevOps Launchpad gives you the chance to complete industry-relevant courses, test your knowledge and earn certificates.

A free learning resource for the entire community

Every day, we see first-hand how DevOps is having a hugely positive impact on how teams of all shapes and abilities build on Salesforce. DevOps for Salesforce continues to mature and become ever more important within the ecosystem.

The adoption of DevOps by countless Salesforce teams across all industries has led to a whole new area of knowledge and best practice. From beginners to seasoned pros, there’s so much to learn and lots to consider when implementing and collaborating within a reliable and streamlined DevOps process.

Our aim with DevOps Launchpad is to offer a trusted resource and a fun learning experience through detailed courses covering all aspects of Salesforce DevOps. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an admin, developer or release manager because there’s a broad set of relevant skills and expertise to acquire. Courses range from the fundamentals of release management all the way through to in-depth courses on Git branching strategies written by DevOps experts.

We deliberately set up DevOps Launchpad to help the entire Salesforce ecosystem, not just customers of Gearset. The core concepts and principles of Salesforce DevOps are applicable no matter what tools or processes you currently use within your team. Most of the resources on DevOps Launchpad aren’t exclusive to Gearset, so you don’t need to be a Gearset user to benefit from the content of the courses.

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Engaging courses designed by experts

Much like on Salesforce’s Trailhead platform, courses on DevOps Launchpad are broken down into bite-sized learning items. Short quizzes are included to help you consolidate and check your learning. All the courses on DevOps Launchpad are free - as are the downloadable certificates that you can use to demonstrate your learning and expertise.

We’re currently adding new courses to the platform and will continue to do so over the coming months. Core courses already available include An introduction to Salesforce development and a first deep dive into Version control fundamentals. Both these courses are primarily targeted at admins and those new to DevOps for Salesforce. The aim is to give you a solid foundation and get you up and running with Git and Salesforce development.

The courses on Git branching strategies and The feature branch model address the various challenges facing developers, architects and release managers looking to introduce an effective Git workflow model into their teams’ existing processes. These courses highlight the main strengths and weaknesses of different branching strategies and set out how to choose the most appropriate model for your team.

In-depth courses on Salesforce DevOps

The course on Salesforce backup explains why you need an effective and reliable backup and restore process for Salesforce. It covers key issues around data loss, restoring data and setting up a reliable disaster recovery plan for your orgs. We’re currently also in the process of adding a course on static code analysis as well as a course on UI testing.

Other courses that can already be accessed include the introductory course on how to navigate and get started with DevOps Launchpad. For Gearset users, we’ve also included our Gearset academy, a structured learning programme that walks you through the key features of Gearset and shows you how to automate and improve all aspects of your Salesforce DevOps.

Your DevOps journey

Whether you want to boost your skills and understanding of DevOps or you’re planning to take your team’s process to the next level, there are many options when it comes to learning about and deciding on the broad range of available tooling and workflows. Improving and increasing your proficiency in Salesforce DevOps is a gradual process.

As we add more courses to DevOps Launchpad, our plan is to make it easy for you to self-diagnose what stage you or your team are currently at in terms of the maturity of your DevOps. Once you know where you stand, you’ll be able to identify clearly the next steps on your journey. Future courses will take a tailored approach to setting out the key tools, challenges and benefits for each stage of DevOps maturity.

Your DevOps journey

Want to become a Salesforce DevOps master?

If you want to become a certified DevOps master, you can sign up for a free account on DevOps Launchpad and get started on your learning path right away.

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