Feature update: Static code analysis now runs during manual Gearset deployments

Feature update: Static code analysis now runs during manual Gearset deployments

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Gearset’s static code analysis now also runs alongside the problem analyzers during manual deployments, as well during change monitoring jobs. This gives you and your team feedback on the quality and style of your code prior to release, helping reduce bugs and reinforcing best-practice coding standards.

Customizable static code analysis for manual deployments

Before you deploy, you can configure your static code analysis rule set. Team owners can turn static code analysis rules on and off, customise individual rules and choose to exclude specific packages and classes, ensuring tailored code analysis for every deployment. If you need help configuring your static code analysis rule set, check out our handy support guide.

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View the results of your static code analysis during a deployment

The static code analysis of your Apex happens in parallel with our existing problem analyzer process, running after you’ve selected what you want to deploy. If no issues are detected, Gearset will automatically take you straight to the pre-deployment summary page where you can then proceed to validate or deploy your changes.

If any issues are detected, Gearset will display the detected rule violations and group them within the class that they belong to. You can use the menu items on the left to view specific categories of violations or use the free text filter to narrow down to a specific class.

View any static code analysis issues as well as any detected problem analysis warnings

For any violation detected, Gearset will tell you which line of code the issue begins on and provide a description so you can easily understand why issues have been flagged in your Apex. For more detailed information on each specific rule, just click on the name of the rule and you’ll be taken to the PMD library for a more in-depth look at the individual rule and its Java implementation.

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With custom static code analysis that runs during your manual deployments, you can easily maintain the quality and style of your Apex code and catch issues before they become a problem, helping your team develop code standards that fit your release process. If you’d like to try out this feature, start your free 30-day trial with Gearset today.

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