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User licensing
Priced per user of Gearset More information

User-based pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of people who use Gearset, not the number in your Salesforce org. If you manage a 5,000 person org by yourself, you’ll only need one Gearset license.

Monthly or yearly subscriptions with no lock-inYesYes
Predictable pricing with no hidden fees or usage limitationsYesYes
Nothing to install in your orgsYesYes
Supported orgs and version control systems
Developer, sandbox, and production orgsYesYes
Salesforce DX scratch org support More information

Salesforce DX scratch org support

Create & delete scratch orgs in Gearset and compare against any org or your version control system.

My Domain, Government Cloud and Professional edition orgsYesYes
Connect to any Git-based version control system, including on-premYesYes
Full support for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps Git (VSTS Git), and AWS CodeCommitYesYes
Comparison features
Compare Salesforce orgs and see the configuration differences More information

Compare any orgs

Compare any two Salesforce orgs and see differences in the metadata with automatic change highlighting.

Compare differences from version control systems or local filesYesYes
Compare changes introduced by managed packagesYesYes
Full control over which metadata types to compare and deploy More information

Customized metadata comparisons

Compare everything between your environments or choose just to compare a subset for faster comparisons.

Automatic API version detection More information

More reliable deployments

Gearset scans your orgs and version control systems and automatically selects the correct API version.

Highlighted line-by-line object differences between your orgsYesYes
Tabular comparison of profiles, permissions, and value setsYesYes
Syntax highlighting for Apex codeYesYes
In-line image renderingYesYes
Compare and deploy components within ZIP files and static resourcesYesYes
Search, sort and filter comparison results to find metadata quicklyYesYes
Deployment features
Create deployment packages using "clicks not code"YesYes
Deploy new, changed, and deleted itemsYesYes
Auto-rollback on failed deploymentsYesYes
Advanced metadata dependency analysis for more successful deploymentsYesYes
Deployment package validationYesYes
Access a complete history of deploymentsYesYes
Detailed deployment reports and activity trailYesYes
Deploy changes made by managed packagesYesYes
Environment variables for org-specific metadataYes
Save draft deployments More information

Build deployments in stages

Drafts let you save your selections and the comparison results. You can return at a later date to finish the package creation.

Clone draft and validated packagesYes
Roll back deployments More information

Full and partial rollback

Easily and reliably roll back components from a deployment with a few clicks.

Combine multiple deployment packagesYes
Redeploy package to another targetYes
Version control integration
Select repositories and branches as the source or target of deploymentsYesYes
Commit changes from orgs to version control with a few clicksYesYes
Push changes from version control to Salesforce orgsYesYes
Create new branches from within GearsetYesYes
Filter comparisons and deployments using a package file More information

Filter using a package.xml file

Use a package file to specify what components to compare and deploy from your repositories to your orgs

Full support for Salesforce DX Packaging format repositoriesYesYes
Create pull requests from deployment (GitHub, GitHub Enterprise and Bitbucket)YesYes
Automatic pull request status check and validation to a target orgYes
Deployment automation
Schedule automated deploymentsYesYes
Clone inbound deployment packages More information

Create outbound packages

Reuse an inbound deployment package to quickly promote changes through your org release pipeline.

View and inspect continuous integration job historyYesYes
Create continuous integration jobsYes
Automatically commit changes from orgs to version controlYes
Trigger automated deployments from commits to a repositoryYes
Visualize deployment and CI flows in Pipelines viewYes
Manage end-to-end release pipelines and promote changes through branches and environmentsYes
Trigger CI jobs outside of Gearset with the automation APIYes
Status notifications on continuous integration jobsYes
Create 1-click deployments that run on-demandYes
Testing automation
Automated Apex unit testing and reports More information

Available on our free tier

Create automated unit testing jobs, receive regular status reports, and track code coverage.

Code coverage tracking and reports More information

Available on our free tier

Create automated unit testing jobs, receive regular status reports, and track code coverage.

Automatic notifications when tests failYesYes
Trigger unit tests outside of Gearset with the automation APIYes
Organization metadata monitoring
View and inspect history of change monitoring jobsYesYes
Automated & on-demand org metadata snapshots More information

Back up metadata on-demand

Take daily org snapshots, create snapshots on-demand, and download the ZIP files for offline storage.

Daily change reports on modifications to your orgsYes
Track all changes, no matter how they were madeYes
Compare daily snapshots for differencesYes
View and audit full org change historyYes
Notifications when your orgs changeYes
Roll back any detected changes to your metadataYes
Deploy detected changes to other orgs or source control systemsYes
Code analysis
Automatic code analysis on your Apex code More information

Static code analysis

Automated analysis on Apex code in your orgs to identify bad programming habits and inefficient code.

See code analysis results within change monitoring, CI, and manual deploymentsYes
Customize rule complexity and severityYes
Specify classes to exclude from resultsYes
Export static code analysis resultsYes
Issue tracking
Jira and Azure DevOps Work Items integrationYes
Automatically update Jira tickets and Azure DevOps Work Items with deployment statusYes
Post deployment notes to Jira tickets and Azure DevOps Work ItemsYes
Permissions reports
Detailed org permission reports More information

See permission settings in your orgs

View and export permission reports, displayed by object or by profile.

Export permission reports to CSVYes
Team and user features
Create teams of usersYesYes
Self-service license management within teamsYesYes
Shared team comparison and deployment historyYesYes
Enforce deployment notes for team membersYesYes
Browser status notificationsYesYes
Collaborative package creation and deploymentYes
Define user roles and permissionsYes
Delegate org access within teamsYes
Data loader
Deploy records between orgs while maintaining object relationshipsOptional add-onOptional add-on
Advanced object record filteringOptional add-onOptional add-on
Smart external ID matchingOptional add-onOptional add-on
Deploy to and from production, sandbox, and scratch orgsOptional add-onOptional add-on
Create deployment templatesOptional add-onOptional add-on
Configurable data maskingOptional add-onOptional add-on
Data deployment history and reportingOptional add-onOptional add-on
Technical support from our in-house teamYesYes
Live in-app chatYesYes
Email and phone supportYesYes
Enterprise-grade securityYesYes
Connect safely and securely with OAuth authenticationYesYes
Data encryption in transit and at restYesYes
Secure hosting in AWSYesYes
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