Understand your Salesforce changes at a glance with Gearset

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Let’s be honest: XML object representations are an eyesore. They’re verbose, they’re hard to read, and they don’t always map intuitively to the interface you see inside Salesforce.

With Gearset Deploy, our goal is to build a deployment tool that really understands your Salesforce data. That’s why this week we rolled out changes to our diff viewer which will make it possible to cut through the noise and see what you’ve actually changed, without trying to parse XML in your head.

We’re starting off with picklists, but we’ve also put work into our engine to make it easier to add other object types in the future.

Here’s how a picklist change used to look:

XML diff viewer

And here’s the new default view:

Picklist diff viewer

We also support displaying the colors associated with picklist values, if you’ve assigned them:

Picklist colors

And it works with multi-select picklists, too:

Multi-select picklist diff viewer

We hope you’ll agree it’s a big improvement! The new view more closely matches what you see when you edit a picklist inside Salesforce, and lets you quickly see what you’ve actually changed.

If you want to double check the raw XML, you can always switch back to the XML view using the new buttons in the top left of the viewer.

We have other object types in the pipeline, including code highlighting and image rendering. If there’s a particular object type you’d love to have a better visualisation of, drop us an email at [email protected] and let us know!

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