Gearset Automation Features

Automation you can rely on

Build a faster and more robust release process with an automation tool designed specifically for Salesforce DevOps.

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Continuous Integration that just works

Say goodbye to broken CI jobs. Build a reliable process that’s flexible and quick to set up.

  • Easy to set up, customize and modify CI jobs
  • Built specifically to handle the Salesforce MDAPI’s quirks
  • Complete CI history and deployment reports

Gearset has greatly improved our speed and efficiency with our deployment process, monitoring code coverage, and through creating a continuous integration process that we did not have before.

Monica Thornton Hill, Certified Developer, McKesson

Automated testing for on-demand deployments

    Never miss a release window because of unexpected unit test failures. Regular, automatic unit testing lets you monitor and maintain at least 75% code coverage.

  • Schedule regular tests
  • Track changes to code coverage with daily summaries
  • Examine test failure details for easy debugging

Monitor metadata changes more easily

Protect your metadata from unwanted changes and keep your environments in sync with automated monitoring.

  • Detect changes to metadata in your org with regular monitoring jobs
  • Rapidly remove unwanted changes or back deploy hotfixes
  • Get notifications and a full audit trail of changes

With Gearset, we have a clear DevOps pipeline. With CI, change monitoring, unit testing and built-in code reviews, our codebase went from being very unstable to requiring very little maintenance. And our development velocity almost doubled in the span of 6 months!

Tim W, Salesforce Technical Lead, Cambria

The simple way to automate your Salesforce releases

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