The State of Salesforce DevOps 2023

Find out how the Salesforce ecosystem is approaching DevOps. With up-to-date trends, expert commentary and best practice guidance, this report is a must-read for anyone building on Salesforce in 2023.

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Teams are turning to automation to accelerate delivery

Teams are very optimistic about replacing their manual workflows with automated ones. A substantial 83% say they’re using CI/CD right now, or plan to later this year.

To learn how teams are implementing automation, download the full report now.


DevOps delivers reliable ROI

98% of Salesforce teams see ROI from implementing DevOps into their development processes.

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Data protection is being taken seriously

87% of teams now have a disaster recovery plan. More teams than ever are backing up their Salesforce data and metadata.

To find out how fast teams can restore lost data, download the full report now.


As Salesforce becomes critical for business goals, development teams need support

Salesforce is critical for business goals, according to 98% of respondents. This has resulted in more pressure on Salesforce teams.

To find out how they’re coping with this challenge, download the full report now.

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